Finish Line

The reason for this November being warmer than usual is not global warming. It’s because of all the hot air that has been coming out of Election 2016.

After all the disasters I’ve survived, I could still make a difference as a voter and writing editorial articles about this election. It gave me a purpose, a reason for staying alive. Church in the Park, Heart of Oklahoma, Food & Shelter for Friends, and Salvation Army helped to save my life after loss of my home a year ago, and further decline in health. I needed a reason to stay alive in a world I mostly despise. When traveling via Greyhound in western states I saw great beauty – proof of God – across the land between cities. Great evil increasing in most cities. I asked God to keep me alive long enough to vote in Election 2016 and to see the results. I have lived to reach that finish line. Thanks to God and good people who helped make it possible.

What’s next? Whatever God’s will is. Nature will take its course regarding my health, how much time I have left to live now and what I’m able to do with it. But first I need some time for rest and recovery as much as possible.

I got to the voting place, a church at West Brooks and McGee, at 6:45am today, 15 minutes before doors opened for voting. About 30 people already in line ahead of me. About 10 of those cardboard voting booths used there. I was done and on my way at 7:30am.

I went over to Homeland grocery store at McGee and Lindsey before going home. Walked most of the way, weak and too dizzy to ride, used the bicycle to lean on, baskets to carry a few items from the store.

Mercury poisoning. Not enough to be fatal but accounts for some of the unusual symptoms of the past 2 weeks. Over 40 years ago mercury used in the mix for dental fillings believed to not be harmful, but they didn’t have 40 years of hindsight. Filling turned black from it, leaked into tissues, blood, digestive system. No pain or swelling or bio infection. Tooth was cracked and already loose. I pulled it. Easy. Using hydrogen peroxide and antiseptic mouth wash. Symptoms should decrease now. There’s been chest pain, shortness of breath, nausea, decreased vision, swelling of ankles and feet with loss of feeling alternating with cramps.

Loss of appetite past few weeks. Bad taste in mouth I could not account for. Sense of taste and texture of most food being chewed, especially all kinds of meat, got so bad I could no longer tolerate having it in my mouth. Least impact on sweets. No impact on liquids. I’m living on milk – a gallon every 3 days, Carnation Instant Breakfast mix, Boost Nutritional Protein Drink, V8 Vegetable Juice, 7-Up, apples, ice cream [they gave me Orange Sherbet at the hospital and it became my favorite], honey roasted peanuts, Skittles, corn chips, crispy light green lettuce salad, one B-Complex tablet and one Iron tablet each day – to help compensate for low hemoglobin count caused by internal bleeding ulcers in stomach and esophagus. When I was scoped it was determined the damaged internal tissue can no longer be repaired and so blood transfusions will no longer save me. There’s a wheezing sound coming from my heart, not from my lungs, with each heartbeat.

Other doctors I’ve been to for the Scabies mystery are in disagreement with each other if it is Advanced Crusted Norweigen Scabies and what treatment should be. Permethrin Cream prescribed for normal Scabies can’t penetrate the hard crusted ridges formed by the advanced kind. No known widely accepted cure for advanced kind. The active ingredient in Hot Shot Flea Tick Lice killer spray is Permethrin. Safe for use on dogs, carpet, furniture. Can kill cats. Not recommended for use on humans, but I discovered Permethrin in that spray form does eventually penetrate and break down the hard crusted ridges to kill the advanced kind of Scabies after several treatments – could take a couple of weeks if full recovery is possible. Using Gold Bond body powder and Curel Ultra Healing lotion to aid healing. The new Icy Hot Max Strength Lidocaine Plus Menthol (cream) stops the burning, stinging, and deep pain. The rash has felt more like a severe sunburn with deep pain and stinging sensations instead of intense itching usually associated with Scabies. Benedryl and Tylenol also used to reduce symptoms.

Worst today has been bone crushing pain in chest, stomach, and deep in my upper and lower back after getting back home from voting. Much coughing and nausea, losing some blood out of both ends – can’t be stopped – can no longer be repaired by usual medical procedures. Pain decreases after throwing up. Resting on couch between attacks, watching TV. Monitoring election news coverage mainly on CNN, sometimes checking FOX and MSNBC.

Now 1:30pm CT Election Day Tuesday 8 November 2016.

Jim Lantern

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