With 4 weeks until Doomsday, Florida’s Electoral Votes could decide Election 2016, or not!

I was going to write about this yesterday morning. In just the past 24 hours the situation has already changed. Yesterday, according to the trusted sources specializing in the Electoral Map projected results, the ONLY way Trump wins the election is if he wins Florida – the swing state with most Electoral Votes. NOW, it appears that even if he were to win Florida, he will lose the election by about 5%. So as of today, it appears there is no path to victory for Trump.

Hurricane Matthew delayed Florida campaigning by Clinton and Trump.

Neither Clinton nor Trump have shown any real sincere concern for victims of the hurricane in Florida, as well as Georgia, South and North Carolina. Florida didn’t get a direct hit like South Caroline, but there is damage in Florida where many victims have yet to receive any help at all from charities and government. Clinton and Trump expect to get votes from people who have lost everything or nearly everything. Democrats are more likely to favor government aid than Republicans and Libertarians, while Republicans are more likely to favor aid from charities. Twice elected Republican Governor Chris Christi of the blue Democrat state New Jersey was opposed to government aid for Hurricane Katrina victims. Then when Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey he was first in line to demand government aid and to embrace President Obama to get it.

It is with some political humor that I say either candidate, Clinton or Trump, could have gone to the coast, stood at water’s edge on the beach, and opened their mouths to stop the hurricane. Enough hot air would have come out to obliterate the hurricane and save millions of people from suffering.

The governor of Florida has refused to extend the Florida voter registration deadline, claiming people have already had enough time to do so before the hurricane hit. Clinton requested the deadline be extended because of the hurricane. The truth is, doing so would likely add more Democrats than Republicans. Governor Rick Scott is a Republican.

Trump’s “locker room” language and boasting, abuse of women via abuse of “star” power, caused enough loss of support from top GOP leaders to cost him votes in key swing states including Florida.

Now four weeks from this Tuesday to Election Tuesday 8 November 2016. At least a half million people already voted in various states allowing advance/early voting, including before the hurricane hit, as well as before the newest revelations about Clinton’s emails and Trumps ongoing abuse of women. Further, Trump has continued to make negative remarks about women, blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, and others, as if he could not care less if they don’t vote for him.

Most polls now show Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein down to 1%, and Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson down to 6%. Gary Johnson lost votes by foot in mouth three times, made worse by running mate William Weld’s foot in mouth (or head up rear end) when he basically endorsed Hillary Clinton – even though what he meant to say is he prefers Clinton over Trump. They were taking more votes away from Clinton, but now are taking more votes away from Trump. Even so, as low as they have sunk in polls, people voting for them will not decide who wins – Clinton or Trump. “Protest votes” will not make enough of a difference now. Some voters like me, who oppose Clinton and now oppose Trump will vote “down ballot” for all others and important questions on ballots, but not vote for any presidential candidate. I’m now opposed to all presidential candidates. I refuse to vote for someone I’m opposed to. I refuse to vote for the least of evils. Even though I now see Clinton as being the lesser of two evils, Trump being slightly worse than her, I will not vote for her. Johnson, although having been a good governor, would be an incompetent president. Weld is better than Johnson. If he were the presidential candidate instead of Johnson, then he might have got more votes, but not enough to make any real difference.

My prediction now is Clinton will win the Electoral votes by 5% at most, and win the popular vote by 10% at most.

IF Trump were to win by some kind of unholy miracle, then the United Stats and the world can expect significant and swift changes as Trump proceeds like a dictator. I believe most of the changes will amount to abuse of power to benefit his business empire rather than the country.

I do not agree Clinton will just be another 4 years of Obama. There are differences between Clinton and Obama. While most things will remain the same, there will be some changes. How much those changes impact the day-to-day living of most Americans remains to be seen. There is cause for concern.

I predict Trump will lose. I predict he will not then simply fade away or take the “very long vacation” he has said he will take if he loses. I believe he will go on a vindictive rampage against the country to punish the government and average voters, while increasing his business empire to benefit himself and other countries.

The remaining question is: Will Democrats take back the House AND Senate? To try to prevent that, Republican Speaker of the House Paul Ryan has abandoned Trump in favor of totally focusing on supporting “down ballot” candidates in order to keep Congress from falling into the hands of Democrats, especially if Clinton wins the White House. IF Clinton has control of Congress, then we’ll have a different kind of totalitarian dictatorship under her than what we would have under Trump. She’s a fan of the “Big Brother” kind of government in George Orwell’s “1984” novel. No doubt Trump would establish a police state with a militarized and federalized national police force.

I do believe the Republican Party is now mostly dead, and will never fully recover. I predict conservatives will form a new political party and then launch a revolt to try to take back the country in 2020.

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern
10:00am CT Tuesday 11 October 2016

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One thought on “With 4 weeks until Doomsday, Florida’s Electoral Votes could decide Election 2016, or not!

  1. It’s gonna be a long four weeks.



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