Second Presidential Debate – October 9 – THAT was the way a debate should be done!

I watched the Second Presidential Debate last night, Sunday 9 October 2016. THAT is the way a debate should be done! ALL previous debates during this election were not true debates and were badly managed. Last night the moderators – Anderson Cooper (of CNN) and Martha Raddatz (of ABC News) – did an excellent job keeping the debate on track. Even though it was a “Town Hall” setting to allow citizen participants top ask questions, instead of just the moderators, it was still a true debate. Balanced, equal, fair. It’s not fair when different questions are put to different candidates, not allowing all to answer, and putting more questions to whichever candidates are the most popular in the polls, like was done during the Republican Primary Debates. A true debate puts the same question to each candidate, gives each candidate equal time to respond, and each candidate time to counter another. Then the viewers can do a side-by-side comparison of the candidates on each issue.

I declared the First Presidential Debate basically tie, or Hillary Clinton won by a hair.

Both performed better during the Second Presidential Debate. Even so, again I declare it a tie, or Hillary Clinton won by a hair. Trump was better on some issues, and Clinton better on other issues.

I doubt the debate caused any voters to switch candidates, but I do believe it saved Trump from being dumped by the Republican Party.

28 days until Election Day. Regarding the Electoral Votes, it will come down to Florida. If Trump wins all of the swing states, but loses the swing state of Florida – if Clinton wins Florida, then Clinton wins the election.

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern
7:50am CT Monday 10 October 2016

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