A Refreshing Healthy Beverage Idea

For other health reasons, I’ve had to cut back on Dr Pepper, which has been more effective than anything else for knocking down the kind of depression I’ve suffered from – stopping the depression within a few minutes.

Cranberry juice is known to be good for the kidneys, cleaning them out. I recall when I first began to get sharp pain to one side of my lower back. A friend said it’s probably a kidney problem, and recommended I drink cranberry juice. The pain hit me while I was out on errands one day, so I stopped at a convenience store to buy a small single serving bottle of it for a dollar. I drank all of it immediately. The pain stopped within 10 to 15 minutes.

Apple juice is said to be good for health too, with the old saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away.”

So recently I bought a 64oz bottle of Cranberry Apple Juice Cocktail. It lacks the fizz I like in soft drinks, so I also bought a 2L bottle of Mist Twist Lemon Lime soda. I believed the two would be compatible for taste, and that has proved to be true. So I fill a glass with crushed ice, then halfway with the lemon lime soda – because the fizz rises, and the rest of the glass with cranberry apple juice – not stirred in.

Very refreshing. Very healthy. Made me feel better. Also, it helped to knock down an unusual symptom – a couple of rash patches that appeared on my back. Cause uncertain, but maybe insect bites. It was slowly getting worse each day for nearly a week, various meds tried and failed – on the way to becoming anaphylactic shock, which might have resulted in a trip to the hospital emergency room for stronger treatment. Finally I found the right combination of multi-allergy medicine and pain reliever caplets, and dyphenhydramine applied in the form of a topical liquid gel, helped to knock it down, somehow made more effective by also drinking the cranberry apple juice.

Reported by Jim Lantern – 9 October 2016

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