Obituary: Republican Party (United States), Born 20 March 1854, Died 7 October 2016 – Destroyed by Trump

Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidate, today gave the Republican Party a death blow, by way of leaked recording of conversation from 2005. 

Trump has survived one bombshell after another, but this one is nuclear.

Breaking News 5:00pm CT Friday 7 October 2016 – RIP GOP

This should be the end of the Trump campaign, as well as the Republican Party – which has been in self-destruct mode since 2008.

Check your preferred news sources for the story.

From CNN…

WARNING: This story contains graphic language.

Trump bragged on hot mic about being able to grope women

I will not put any excerpts here. You may read all of it at the CNN article, or other sources.

It amounts to gross abuse of women via gross abuse of power. It reduces Trump to the level of what I’d refer to as scum of the earth.

This now guarantees victory for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

This does not mean I will vote for Clinton. I was in favor of Gary Johnson and William Weld, but they have self-destructed in a different way. There is no one on the ballot who I want to be President. I will not vote for any candidate I’m opposed to. I will vote “down ballot” on Tuesday 8 November 2016, candidates at other levels, as well as several important questions on the ballot to vote on this year.

Reported by Jim Lantern


Other news sources…


Trump defends lewd 2005 conversation about women as “locker room banter” WARNING — the article below contains graphic sexual language. Donald Trump is dismissing a recorded conversation from 2005 where the reality television star was caught boasting about grabbing, kissing, and trying to have sex with women, calling it

These Might Be Donald Trump’s Most Disgusting Comments Yet About Women – Huffington Post
SEE IT: Donald Trump caught on hot mic spewing sexist chatter – New York Daily News


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