Twitter – United States Trends – 2:40pm CT Thursday 6 October 2016

United States Trends

Reported by Jim Lantern


WordPress is tied to National Poetry Day, tending at Number One.

Trending at Number Two is “Pray for Florida” – including homeless people who are already homeless, and those who are about to become homeless – along with pets – dogs, cats, others. Those who are about to die. The “walking dead” – fatal injuries but still able to walk, briefly. The “walking wounded” – injured but still able to walk. Others. Many who will vanish – the missing – dead or injured or simply out of contact because of loss of communications. Should we pray for those who refuse to evacuate? The dude I just saw, via EarthCam Fort Lauderdale beach cam, out on his surfboard as the Category 4 Hurricane Matthew approaches. People still frolicking on the beach . . . like . . . there’s . . . no . . . tomorrow. The eye is clearly visible on live radar via out of Fort Lauderdale. Or is it a mouth, wide open, like a hungry shark?

By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes.

…There you have a couple of lines for National Poetry Day, ideal for an approaching hurricane.

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