Wednesday night TV 5 October 2016

For what I like, a good night for TV.

From TV Guide…

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X

Your Job Is Recon 7:00 PM CT on KWTV 10 (CBS), 1 hr 2016 TV-PG
  • Castaways get a chance to mingle with the “enemy”; balance and precision are tested at a tough immunity challenge.

…Fairly good so far this season, but I believe the show is in need of a new twist.


Pilot 8:00 PM CT on KOCB 11 (CW), 1 hr 2016 TV-PG
  • In the series premiere, a detective discovers she’s able to communicate with her estranged father who died decades earlier via a ham radio. She then warns him off his untimely death, leading him to survive, but also dramatically changing the present.

…Based on the excellent science fiction thriller 2000 movie Frequency.

Designated Survivor

The Confession 9:00 PM CT on KOCO 8 (ABC), 1 hr 2016 TV-PG
  • The FBI’s investigation into the Capitol bombing continues, with Agent Hannah Wells starting to develop her own theories as to who’s responsible. Meanwhile, President Kirkman and his staff deal with a high-level security breach of the White House, which they try to keep secret as Tom prepares for his first TV interview as POTUS.

…That TV series presents an interesting subject during this election year.

While watching those shows on my 26-inch TV, I’ll use my 13-inch TV to monitor The Weather Channel, MSNBC, CNN, and FOX News for updates on Hurricane Matthew.

Reported by Jim Lantern, Norman Oklahoma, Central Time

2:45pm CT Wednesday 5 October 2016


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