Hurricane Matthew begins impact on U.S. Election 2016: Clinton, Obama cancel campaign rally in Florida as hurricane approaches

Clinton, Obama cancel campaign rally in Florida as hurricane approaches – Washington Times

“Ten million people under Hurricane Watch, east coast of United States.” – The Weather Channel.

From my previous postings…

Will Matthew become first Cat 6 Hurricane and impact U.S. Election 2016?

…Likely to remain Cat 4 – bad enough. Is now impacting Election 2016. [Daily updates at above article link.]

By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes: Hurricane Matthew

Live Beach Cams from Florida to New York – Watch Arrival of Hurricane Matthew

Which Presidential (or Vice Presidential) Candidate be First to Comment on Hurricane Matthew?

…The answer is Clinton.*

Breaking News – Hurricane Matthew, The Weather Channel: South Carolina – All coastal areas being evacuated 100 miles from coast. National Guard 1800 activated.


Florida governor: Prepare for direct hit from Hurricane Matthew – CNN
Updated 4:51 PM ET, Tue October 4, 2016

Reported by Jim Lantern

5:00pm CT Tuesday 4 October 2016


*Update from Google News listings 4:30pm CT Thursday 6 October 2016…

As hurricane nears, Clinton, Trump take break from Fla …

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have been battling for Florida voters, but asHurricane Matthew nears, both candidates have turned off …
Clinton, Trump brace for Hurricane Matthew
In-DepthPoliticoOct 5, 2016


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