Chef Salad Praise

It’s not often I praise a food product. Recently I’ve had bad luck buying food, meals, lacking quality and some claimed content. I don’t like being ripped off. Also, at age 60 I’ve become a very picky eater. Now I’ve discovered a good one worth mentioning…

During the warm months I prefer cold meals. At Walmart, a display between the deli and produce area, I found the Taylor Farms Chef Salad – “Crisp Iceberg Lettuce, Turkey Breast, Swiss Cheese & Ham, Creamy Ranch Dressing.” Only $2.98.

Bought one today for lunch and snacking – a single meal for most people, but for me there’s enough for more than just a single meal, and I can snack on it – especially the meats. A miniature version of what might be referred to as a holiday party tray. The top part of the package is a tray for the meats, cheese, and dressing. The lettuce under the tray in a bowl. Good design. I put the dressing on half of the lettuce, saving the rest for later with dinner, and have been snacking on the meats – eating them out of the tray. Sometimes I put it all together as intended, but this way makes it fun snacking – and healthy snacking. Also, there’s a cat on the floor next to my chair, suddenly my new best friend, looking up at me with hungry eyes as I snack on the meats. Lucky for him I share.

I appreciate it that I’d not have to eat it all right away if I didn’t want to, having an expiration date October 9 – today being October 3. The flavor and quality of the meat, cheese, and lettuce is excellent.

The package could use more dressing than what is included, but I can add more from a bottle in my refrigerator. Dressing is important – I like a lot of it – and sometimes I have a salad with a bowl of dressing! By the way, I don’t like the dark green leafy lettuce – I don’t know how anyone can eat that kind except maybe someone who is half human half rabbit. I will only eat the light green crunchy lettuce – especially good on sandwiches, like a BLT. This package has only the light green crunchy lettuce I like. Very fresh.

Here’s an image I found of it…


Also, I just found their website, and at Twitter, and at Facebook.

Reviewed by Jim Lantern

About 3:00pm Central Time US, Norman Oklahoma, Monday 3 October 2016


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