Notice to Readers about Comments, Contact, Feedback, Likes, and new Rate This


Special Announcement by Jim Lantern

About 3:00pm Central Time US, Norman Oklahoma, Sunday 2 October 2016

Notice to Readers about Comments, Contact, Feedback, Likes, and new Rate This

From WP Amin to Feedback to Ratings, I’ve just turned on the “Rate this” option. It’s a 5-star system. I’ve placed it at the bottom of all postings just above the Like and Sharing buttons. It will not appear as an option in the WordPress “Reader” like the Like button is. To access the 5-star “Rate this” a reader must actually visit my site and at least scroll down to the bottom of a posting – if not reading all of it. When I turned it on, it was applied to all past postings, so now readers finding and reading long ago postings can rate them. This is a useful feedback tool in addition to Likes and Comments.

It’s been a couple of years since I experienced Like button abuse and posted an article about it. Most of the abuse was done by spam blogs using the Like button like a free ad for their sites, a kind of passive spam or indirect spam. I do appreciate legitimate Likes by readers who have actually read a positing. Using the free version of StatCounter in addition to WordPress Stats, I know the difference between someone who clicks the Like button in the “Reader” and someone who actually visits my site to read an article – and how long the reader spent reading an article. So a Like that appears moments after a posting is published is usually not legitimate – but for a few exceptions such as very short postings that can be judged with a glance. By the way, as I make more use of Twitter with WordPress in the future, most of my postings will be much shorter.

I’ve relaxed access to Comments and related rules. Even so, I will not tolerate Trolls posting personal insults against me, instead of commenting on the subject of the posting – such as an editorial article. I welcome a wide range of opinions, mainly because it is like doing a Poll or Survey for a topic. Readers can express any opinion they want without referring to me in an insulting way. A reader can say “I agree with you” or “I disagree with your position on this issue” without it becoming a personal insult. To write something like “only an idiot would believe what you believe” is an unacceptable personal insult. Donald Trump, for example, engages more in childish personal insults than addressing the real issues of interest to voters like a potential President would. A difference of opinion that is reasonably presented could cause me to change my mind – my position on an issue. It is better to simply state what you believe than to attack what I believe.

I do not allow Comments under my About page. I’ve seen how that’s abused by passive spammers, similar to past abuse of the Like button. Therefore, I created a Contact/Feedback page, under which readers who want to provide legitimate feedback in general may do so. It also serves as a Contact page, listing ways to contact me – including via email, Facebook, and Twitter. I do enjoy interaction with legitimate writers and readers of WordPress.

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