KOMA in Oklahoma


What It Is by Jim Lantern

About 5:00pm Central Time US, Norman Oklahoma, Sunday 2 October 2016


Click on above image to see full size… New photo I just took with my cell phone, sent to email, downloaded to my HP Notebook, then published here. I’ve been doing some fall cleaning and rearranging again, getting ready for winter. East wall of my living room, to SE corner and French doors out onto balcony of my 2nd level apartment facing south. There’s a hanging plant by the right French door so I can have something to talk to. AM/FM Radio w/CD player and stereo speakers hung on the wall – a Star Wars poster to left, a Walking Dead poster to right. Small desk and shelves. New office chair. Zero gravity recliner chair to the right faces my 26-inch TV in SW corner not in photo. Couch and table with chess set on it in the foreground. On the desk and shelves – HP Notebook with separate 3-speaker sound system, and a normal keyboard I prefer to use – I wear out keyboards so better a $10 keyboard than a $200 HP Notebook. A wireless modem from Cox for Internet access over the CATV system. A small heater on left end of desk in case I get the chills as Tuesday 8 November 2016 Election Day gets closer. First Aid at hand in case I get injured while writing this – a bowl of extra butter popcorn, and a glass of Dr Pepper with crushed ice.

KOMA in Oklahoma

No, I’m not suffering from a coma. I’m listening to KOMA – 92.5 FM, Oklahoma’s “classic hits music format featuring popular songs from the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.”

KOMA 92.5 FM Radio – website.

LISTEN LIVE NOW with whatever you’re using to access this posting!

Born in 1956, age 60 now, for me it’s kind of a variation of time travel. As a fan and writer of science fiction, with great interest in the subject of time travel, time paradox, and alternate history, this appeals to me.

Music fuels memories. Mostly good, and perhaps some not so good.

January 1975 was when I discovered Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon – I was at Kansas State University in my dorm room and wondering if I had ended up on the dark side of the moon there. A key turning point remembered with that music.

Before that, getting my first home stereo system as a high school graduation present – for my first apartment I moved into June 1974 on a short lease. A coworker friend who was going through a divorce moved in as I moved out to leave Wichita and go to Manhattan, Kansas, for college.

Long before that, exposure to the music as result of having a sister 8 years older than me, who listened to it a lot, so I got a lot of Rock & Roll before the Rock and Pop.

At age 14 in 1970, I began to work Saturdays for a neighbor, my first job – learning how to repair cue sticks and put new felt on pool tables. Then age 16, 1972, full time summers, part time during school years – 2 hours after school and 7 hours Saturdays. The job to pay for a motorcycle – street legal but designed for off-road trail riding and modified by me for hill climbing competition. I used it for transportation during Monday through Saturday, and off-road expeditions on Sundays – sometimes with BSA Motorcycle Explorer Post 770. At the end of summers, trips to Colorado Springs for a week of riding on mountain trails.

The first day I got cable TV was also the first day of broadcasting for MTV – Music Television – 1 August 1981. During a year of months before that, I made some money on-the-side working as sound mixer and stage crew for various bands renting extra sound systems equipment when putting on shows in Wichita. Including Hank Williams Jr, and Juice Newton. Meeting and working for Juice Newton on Valentine’s Day Saturday 14 February 1981 was kinda like being run over by a freight train, but in a really good way…

My first primary full time profession spanning about 10 years began with apprenticeship for hands-on experience with on-the-job training in electronics. It was an extension of the part time job during high school years. I left college after a year, then went full time. Until end of 1986, age 30, I repaired pinball games, video games, and juke boxes – included running nights and weekend service calls at bars and nightclubs. Not all visits to such places were for service calls.

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