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Will we see a true debate tonight properly moderated between Clinton and Trump?


Monday evening 26 September 2016

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern

Will we see a true debate tonight properly moderated between Clinton and Trump?

About 2 hours until start of the debate as I write this.

It has been a long time since I’ve seen a true debate properly moderated between political candidates.

The way debates should be done:

  1. Each candidate makes opening statement.
  2. Same question or issue put to both candidates.
  3. Both candidates get equal time to answer question or present their position on the issue.
  4. Then Candidate A can challenge Candidate B’s answer or position.
  5. Candidate B can have time to defend his/her position.
  6. Likewise Candidate B can challenge Candidate A’s answer or position.
  7. Candidate A can have time to defend his/her position.
  8. On to the next question or issue.
  9. Each candidate makes closing statement.
  10. Viewers can as it goes along do side-by-side comparisons of the candidates for position on each issue.

As I watch the debate, I’ll try to score it in the following way. On a sheet of paper I’ve created three columns. One for the issue presented, one for the score I’ll give Clinton on each issue, one for the score I’ll give Trump on each issue. Then when finished I’ll total up the scores to see who won the debate. After that is done, I’ll post the results tonight or tomorrow morning.

I’ll try to be fair about it, and as a Centrist, unaffiliated Independent voter, I believe I can be fair about it. Further, I dislike both about equally. I support neither. I’m still leaning in favor of Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson and his running mate William Weld.

I predict Clinton and Trump will sink to personal attacks to such an extent that most viewers will become equally disgusted with both, and will then consider supporting Johnson. So it is possible Johnson could win the debate simply by not participating in it. Clinton and Trump will destroy each other. Johnson will then be sole survivor by default.

By the way, the problem with past debates, especially the first one for the Republican candidates – when there were 17, the moderator did not give equal time to each candidate. Some candidates got different questions than others, and some candidates got more questions than others. A very biased debate favoring most popular candidates, so it was not a fair debate – not a true debate. By that means, Trump was favored from the beginning, and the win was handed to him. He did not earn it.

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