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Clockwork 9


Jim Lantern


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Clockwork 9

Planet Earth, United States of America, Kansas, Kansas City.

“Mother’s Day” Sunday, 12 May 1963 CE.

My communication with the Ambassador to Earth from the Realm of Heaven continued as a compressed time event downloaded into my mind, there in that Sunday school classroom of the Well of the Souls Church.

“So many believe…” I said.

“The truth is not a democracy. Because the majority believe one thing does not make it true.” the ambassador told me, “However, it is a democracy that will help to to reassemble and rebuild the truth.”

“We must rebuild the truth…” I said.

“Yes, Thomas. But first, the carriers of truth must be reunited, and I have come to awaken the carriers of truth.” he informed me.

“Who are the carriers of truth?” I wanted to know.

“There are souls on this world, who did not come here directly from their creation in heaven. They came here from distant planets. Most of them came from the Interstar Trading Worlds of the Mercatorian Empire, an empire of merchants engaging in peaceful interstellar trade. Physically, they became trapped on Earth, the planet they named Mirandus, and then they died here. They have Caeruli souls, meaning souls in the spectrum of blue light. Their souls became trapped here because of the Lucifer Revolt and the resulting spiritual quarantine.” the ambassador reported, “Those who did come to this world directly from their creation in heaven have souls in the spectrum of green light, and are known as Viridi souls. This has nothing to do with the physical races of different colors of Mirandians, Earth humans, and I’ll explain more about that another time. The Viridi souls became trapped on this world, too. Even so, the Caeruli souls have experience and knowledge the Viridi souls do not have. Although the Revolt ended almost two thousand years ago, when the quarantine was lifted, most Caeruli souls have been kept on this world, while most Viridi souls have been allowed to ascend. I must now awaken all of the Caeruli souls, so they can share their knowledge of the truth. They are here to usher in a new age, an age of interstellar travel and trade. When they came to this world in physical form, aboard their great starship, it was for a different purpose. There was a mutiny. Their starship was destroyed. Even so, a few of them survived for about a year on the surface of this planet at a place known as the Garden at the Base of the Stars. During that time, they buried many time capsules at different locations around the world. The capsules contain information about their home worlds, their people, history, and detailed plans for how to construct a new starship.”

“Am I a carrier of truth?” I asked, “I have a Caeruli soul… Are you here to awaken me?”

“Yes.” the ambassador answered, “And to answer a few of your questions. But keep in mind, my time here for this visit is limited.”

“Mrs. Smythe is not one of the carriers of truth.” I said, “She is a carrier of false information, but does not know it . . . and so, that does not make her a bad person.”

“Repeating and teaching subjects that are not totally accurate, while believing them to be completely true, does not make a person evil or guilty of willful evil.” he told me. “Usually.”

“That is good.” I remarked.

“We have a just and merciful God.” the ambassador said. “Sin is a less serious crime, like a misdemeanor, which results in limited punishment, and calls for forgiveness. What is known as willful evil is a much more serious crime, like a capital crime, which results in the death penalty, the instant obliteration of the guilty soul or spirit, which is the ultimate permanent death from which there is no return.”

“I’m happy to know there is mercy.” I replied, “I’ve been wrong, sometimes.”

“Only willful evil will result in God’s willful obliteration of a condemned soul or spirit in the Lake of Fire.” he told me. “There is no such place as hell where condemned souls burn eternally. The end of a soul or spirit in the Lake of Fire is instant and permanent.”

“I remember flames . . . somewhere . . . but I survived.” I said.

“You are a will creature of time and space. You have a Caeruli soul, and therein a superconscious mind—that which you truly are, which is accompanied by an indwelling spirit for some guidance and for recording all of the events of your existence.” he informed me. “You have the freedom to make your own choices. Make the right choices and complete the race. For all who complete the race are winners of the race.”

“We are all different.” I remarked.

“You have a question?” the ambassador replied.

“Not everyone is created equal.” I said.

“All souls are created equally.” he began his explanation. “That means, in the same way, and by the same method. From the moment a soul is born—spiritually born in heaven with a superconscious mind, and then from the selection of incarnation, each soul and superconscious mind therein becomes unique by way of different life experiences. Each soul becomes personalized by the kind of choices made. Physical human bodies, are obviously not equal. In that way, everyone is somewhat different. Like different cars. Your physical body is like a car, and your spiritual soul is the driver.”

“We were not created in the image or likeness of God?” I asked.

“No, Thomas.” he answered, “People were not created to physically look like our spiritual God. There are many different kinds of intelligent creatures, who have souls, superconscious minds, indwelling spirits, and inhabit other worlds of God’s vast creation. If any part of Eearth human existence is in the likeness of God, then it would be the indwelling spirit, which is, from one of several perspectives, an extension of God. The male-dominated Christian religion only teaches about the male side of God and the one Son of God. The truth is God is a Trinity Spirit Being, three together as one, and acting independently. The Great Maternal Spirit of God is for all female life. The Great Paternal Spirit of God is for all male life. The Holy Life Spirit of God is for all genderless life. At one time, during the history of the Realm of Heaven, there was one Creator Son. Since then, many Creator Daughters in addition to many Creator Sons have been created by God. You cannot look upon God in your present physical form and live, because of the kind of energy radiating from God.”

“Can I see you?” I asked.

“Yes. In good time, you will.” the ambassador answered, “Presently, this method of communication would make it difficult.”

“You said you are an angel…” I began.

“A Trinity Angel.” he said.

“Do you have wings?” I asked, “And a halo?”

The ambassador laughed. “No, Thomas. I understand why you would ask that question. I laugh because of the irony. On the distant planet, where I long ago lived a life in physical form, I had wings. However, I never had a halo. No, the angels of heaven do not have wings or halos. The one likeness to the Christian fantasy and that of a few other faiths is our common interest in all kinds of musical instruments, such as harps, which we make from supermatter. Some angelic beings do gather to play musical instruments fairly often.”

“Did I have wings?” I asked.

“No, Thomas.” he answered, “You, your superconscious mind in a Caeruli soul, were first born in a physical life form on a different planet than the one I came from. The people of your planet, named Langenth, were known as Landors. The people of my planet, named Skylor, were known as Aviacaels. There were others, from a planet named Aquamar, who were known as the Aquari. The people of those three planets together became known as Mercatorians. They traded with each other. Their home worlds, and colony planets, became known as the Interstar Trading Worlds of the Mercatorian Empire.”

The vast field of stars within the communications triangle of the ambassador shifted . . . and then showed three stars, more brilliant than the others, forming a 30-60-90 degrees triangle constellation . . . strangely familiar. “There was another world, which became our common home.” he told me. The field of stars shifted again. A number of brilliant stars formed a constellation in the shape of a cross . . . also strangely familiar to me.

“The star in the middle of the cross?” I asked.

“Yes. That’s the Cross Constellation, as viewed from the planet Langenth.” the ambassador confirmed. “The sun of the planet named Citra, a colony planet of the Mercatorians, which eventually became the capital planet and heart of their interstellar empire. You lived there, before you joined the expedition to this world. The sun of Langenth is one of the three stars of the Great Triangle Constellation, as viewed from colony planet Citra.”

“Did you came to this world on the expedition?” I asked.

“No.” he answered, without explanation.

“My name . . . was . . . I’m not sure I can pronounce it in its complete form . . . but there were initials . . . a name created from initials . . . MOT. I was MOT.” I remembered.

“Yes, MOT.” the ambassador confirmed. “The initials were a popular fad on colony planet Citra, known as fins. Frontier initial names. The family name was always the middle initial of a fin, and family names always began with a vowel. Your full name was Mutarus Tempus Omnia.”

“You had a name there, too.” I said.

“Yes, of course I did.” he replied.

“Your voice is familiar to me. I don’t hear it, but I feel your voice upon my soul, and it feels familiar to my superconscious mind.” I said, “But I don’t remember your name. Who…”

“Veritas Noctua Antiqu.” the Ambassador to Earth reminded me, “You knew me as Chief Veritas. I was the Chief of Interstar Trading Security there on colony planet Citra, which became the capital planet of the Mercatorian empire.”

“Yes. I remember…” I said, as my thoughts drifted back to that distant planet in ancient times.

“You were cleared for ascension.” he reminded me. “You were going to be sent home first. However, you came back here.”

“Terrantus Station!” I remembered those events, which happened between the end of my previous Earth human incarnation and my present life. I referred to what looked like a massive wheel-shaped space station, but located in buffer-space instead of physical space. Buffer-space, the realm between and separating the physical universe and the spiritual universe. Souls and spirits passing between the two universes would have to pass through stations. Terrantus Station was the station for this planet.

“Yes, MOT.” he replied, “You came back here for a personal reason.”

“Marea Amor Exsequor.” I remembered, “My wife. A spiritual marriage.”

“That’s right, MOT.” he confirmed.

“I was Mutarus Tempus of the Omnia family from Langenth. Now I am Thomas Jefferson Harrow.” I said.

“Yes. MOT became Tom.” he confirmed. “The revers, just a coincidence.”

“What became of Marea?” I wanted to know.

“Reincarnated one final time here on Earth, like you were. She is now known as Andrea Marie Sterling.” the ambassador informed me, “You will, in good time, be reunited with her.”

“Her final reincarnation.” I said, and thought about that. Then I asked, “How many times have our souls been reincarnated on this planet?”

“Between 400 and 500 times. Different for each soul.” he answered. “You are currently experiencing reincarnation number 451. You’ve had 451 human lives here on planet Earth after your Mercatorian life as a Landor from planet Langenth.”

“There is so much for me to remember.” I realized.

“In the nights to come, you will begin to have dreams, a series of dreams, unlike any dreams you have ever had before.” the ambassador told me, “You will find the answers to many of your questions within those dreams. Even so, not all of those dreams will remain within your conscious mind memory upon awakening. Some will be placed deeper then others, down in the well of your soul. Those will surface more slowly, and may be revealed at key turning points during your present human life.”

“Very well, Ambassador Veritas.” I replied. “Then what?”

“Through the looking glass, Tom will remember MOT. You will become reunited with Marea, in good time. You will also become reunited with many other Caeruli souls.” he assured me. “There were 12,301 Mercatorians on the expedition to this world they named Mirandus. A very few have been allowed to return home, and then to ascend into the spiritual Realm of Heaven with other Mercatorians. Most are still here, and alive in human form for one final reincarnation. Some are currently aboard Terrantus Station in buffer-space. One is missing. We are intently looking for that one, but that is another story I’ll tell you another time. I can tell you that the missing one was a stowaway aboard the Mercatorian starship, led the mutiny soon after arriving here, causing the Mercatorians on the expedition missions to become divided, and caused the destruction of the starship. Mercatorians, I mean their Caeruli souls on this world, now in human form, are still very divided. I need for you and Marea, and the others you will be reunited with, to help bring them back together. I must warn you there is a much greater common enemy awaiting your return to the stars. Their divide and conquer plan worked well against those on the expedition to this world. Caeruli souls on this world, in human form, must become reunited, in order to reclaim the Interstar Trading Worlds. The future can save the past, and the past can save the future.”

“I remember . . . the Teznites!” I shouted. “The Mercatorians were at war with the Teznites of the Teznite Empire.”

“Yes, MOT.” Veritas confirmed. “You must help to reunite Caeruli souls. Recover the Mercatorian starship technology. Then build the first Earth human starship. Do so in secrecy, because a common enemy is watching. Teznites have finally turned their attention to this planet. Even now, they are drawing their plans for a future invasion. Also, some Viridi souls have become possessed by demon Teznites, the spirits of dead Teznites who dwell in buffer-space. They are known to terrify buffer-space voyagers with nightmare images of eternal death in fire. The realm of buffer-space is also known as the hellfield. Starships can travel 666 times faster while in the realm of buffer-space than while in normal physical space.”

I understood all that, but my mind had shifted to another subject. “Are you saying we can’t trust the Earth humans who have Viridi souls?” I asked.

“Most of them are not evil. However, some of them are more easily won over by evil.” he explained, “Very likely, when they discover the existence of Caeruli souls and learn of their past, they will want to help Caeruli souls, while seeking Mercatorian starship technology with drooling enthusiasm. Their agenda will be different. You may trust some of them, but always with great caution. I will place a keyword phrase within the minds of all whom you may trust, as a means of recognition. This is for people who have Caeruli souls and other people who have Viridi souls. I am here to help light the way, is the approximate phrase, and it does not have to be those exact words. The key words are help light the way.”

“I will look forward to reunification.” I said.

“We have met before, and we will meet again. When we do, your memories will be clear and instant. Farewell, MOT.”

Abruptly, three points of light emerged from the midpoint of each side of the equilateral triangle, and moved toward the center of the triangle. As they became a single point of light, and then vanished, it reminded me of when our tube-type color TV was turned off, briefly leaving a glowing point of light at the center of the screen, slowly fading away. The equilateral triangle unfolded back into three 45-90-45 degree triangles in the upper southwest corner of the room. Then the walls and ceiling folded back into place.

Looking out the window, I could see the cars continue to drive down the main road. A bird landed in a tree near the window. The old man gardener then repositioned the hose, as the water continued to splash on down around the flowers. He briefly had an odd look on his face, as if a ghost had tapped him on a shoulder and gave him a chill.

Inside the classroom, the wall clock continued counting the seconds of time. The other students shifted in their chairs, as pages were turned. The teacher continued reading, and completed the paragraph she was on. Then she looked up and around, as if something was wrong. She glanced at the wall clock, and then briefly glanced at her own watch. The next student, to the left of the teacher, began to read the next paragraph.

Before it was my turn to read again, a bell rang out in the hallway.

“Class dismissed.” Mrs. Smythe announced.

Yes. Be assured. I was the first one out the door.

Sunday school. I didn’t much like it at all. As I was walking over to the main church building, looking for my sister and parents, and squinted my eyes in the bright sunlight, I had trouble remembering exactly what it was that had been bothering me about it all.

The students and teacher in that classroom were never aware of what had happened to me, between two moments of time. And because my memory of it was placed deep within the well of my soul, I could not tell my sister, parents, or anyone else about it, at that time.

The coming night would be different for me. In the past, I would turn on a light on the table by my bed, which had in it a blue light bulb. It was not that I was afraid of the dark, so much as having the fear of awakening in an unfamiliar place. It was like a lighthouse, as my ship was on a dark sea. However, on that Sunday night, I no longer felt the need for it . . . because the light within me had been turned back on, and it would save me from becoming lost again, or so I prayed…

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