Good Night for Entertainment on TV – Wednesday 21 September 2016


by Jim Lantern

Good Night for Entertainment on TV – Wednesday 21 September 2016

I have COX CATV Economy Package here in Norman Oklahoma – U.S. Central Time. I can monitor (with sound muted or reduced) a secondary interest on my 13-inch TV – usually news, weather, or sports – while watching a primary interest on my 26-inch TV.

What I’ll watch…

TV Guide Listings:

7:00pm (to 8:30pm)

Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X

May the Best Generation Win 7:00 PM CT on KWTV 10 (CBS TV), 1 hr 30 min 2016 TV-PG
  • Twenty castaways compete in Fiji and are divided into two tribes that are separated by generation as Season 33 begins. On Day 2, a cyclone hits the island and forces an evacuation. Later, one player snatches a powerful advantage in the game.


After the 90-minute Survivor I’ll probably watch CNN or FNC (Fox News) or MSNBC for a half hour.


Designated Survivor

Pilot 9:00 PM CT on KOCO 8 (ABC TV), 1 hr 2016
  • Tom Kirkman, a lower level United States Cabinet member, finds himself suddenly appointed president of the country after a catastrophic attack kills everyone above him in the line of succession in the series premiere of this dramatic thriller.

There are other good shows on TV tonight…

Lethal Weapon

Pilot 7:00 PM CT on KOKH 12 (FOX TV), 1 hr 2016 TV-14
  • In the premiere, an ex-Navy SEAL-turned-cop relocates to L.A. after the loss of his wife and baby in order to start over; and is partnered with a detective who’s just returned to the job following a heart attack.

Star Wars: Attack of the Clones

7:00 PM CT on TNT 31, 3 hr 8 min 2002
  • In the second prequel to the original Star Wars trilogy, Obi-Wan Kenobi trains Anakin Skywalker to be a Jedi, but finds his protege to be impatient, arrogant, and headstrong — causing his mentor a great deal of concern. Together the duo are tasked with protecting Senator Amidala, who has become the target of assassination attempts.

Special Note: Wednesdays – beginning October 5, new series begins on CW – “Frequency” – based on the excellent movie.

Have a good night!

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