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Countdown to Armageddon: First Clinton-Trump Debate


Jim Lantern

Editorial Article with some Political Humor

About 2:00pm CT Wednesday 21 September 2016

Hey in the hay, tomorrow is the First Day of Fall. Doesn’t feel like it. Might make more sense if it were Monday September 26, when it might be the first day of a major fall for Clinton or Trump.


Countdown to Armageddon: First Clinton-Trump Debate


…From the time of this posting to the scheduled 8:00pm CT start time of the debate.

Checking TV Guide online schedule. It will be covered – 8:00pm to 10:00pm – by NBC, ABC, and CBS. Apparently FOX only to its 9:30pm local news broadcast. Also on FNC [Fox News Channel] and CNN, but apparently not by MSNBC – I’m shocked.

What is the debate up against – what viewers might miss out on at the same time?

CW has Supergirl – not about Hillary.

FX has Mr. & Mrs Smith – 2005 movie staring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, which and who were recently trending at Twitter because of the announced divorce. Looks like FX is trying to take advantage of that. So is Syfy, running the 2010 movie Salt staring Angelina Jolie.

USA has WWE Monday Night Raw – live.

The lead-in at 7:00pm for NBC is The Voice. Would any chairs turn for Hillary or Donald performing?

ABC has Dancing with the Stars. I wonder if… yep… announced yesterday, former Texas Governor and presidential candidate Rick Perry survived the cut on “Dancing With the Stars” thanks to voters. “Rick Perry has received more votes in “Dancing With the Stars” than he did in his latest presidential bid. Despite finishing in last place in the first two weeks of the ABC reality TV show, the former Texas governor and two-time GOP presidential candidate was spared a Texas-sized boot Tuesday night thanks to support from viewers. The combined scored for Perry and his partner, Emma Slater, over two weeks: 42 out of 80 possible points.”

CBS has a couple of half-hour comedy shows for lead-in. Should I make the obvious comment about that? No.

FOX has a new episode of Gotham.

I’ll likely watch The Voice and the debate on NBC.

I wonder which one will get the highest ratings. Probably NBC for The Voice lead-in, with ABC for Dancing with the Stars a close second for lead-in.

As for the debate itself. NBC News anchor Lester Holt was announced as the moderator for the first United States presidential debate between Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton by the Commission on Presidential Debates. Therefore, I’m guessing NBC will be the ratings winner.

Just how high will the ratings be, whichever network or cable channel wins it? Will it exceed the record-breaking ratings history of the Super Bowl? Or the most-watched episode of The Walking Dead? I do predict the 7th season first episode of The Walking Dead on AMC TV Sunday October 23 will come close to breaking the Super Bowl ratings record, followed by the live review show The Talking Dead. As for the debate, it could be the talking dead – as in the start of the Zombie Apocalypse if not Armageddon.

So… Who will win? Right now, I figure it’s about even – could go either way. Months ago I’d have favored Trump to win it. IF Hillary sticks to the issues without personal attacks on Donald, then she could win. She knows the issues better than he does. Trump is better at personal attacks. It’s in his nature. Almost impossible for him to stick to the issues and not engage in personal attacks. A better chance if he focuses attacks on Obama and his record than to target Clinton. However, most likely he will target both. If he acts presidential and clearly states his position on issues with realistic solutions, then he has a chance.


Odds are, both will perform badly. Self-destruct live on stage. If so, if viewers are so disgusted with both top candidates, then they might change the channel to the Libertarian network to support Johnson-Weld. So even without Johnson being at the debate, he could gain in polls if Clinton and Trump perform so bad that voters are caused to switch to Johnson. He needed 15% in polls to participate. He’s been as good as 10%. Most people believe, and I agree, that if the ticket were reversed, Weld-Johnson instead of Johnson-Weld, then they might bee at 20% and as result Weld would in the debate. Weld is a stronger candidate than Johnson, by far. Both are former Republican governors twice elected in blue Democrat states. If it were not for Johnson misspeaking recently -twice so far, hurting his chances, then by an odd kind of default he could win the debate even without participating in it live on TV with Clinton and Trump. They would both have to do really bad for Johnson to get enough of a boost to have a real chance of winning Election 2016.

Whoever does win this first debate, I believe this debate alone might decide it. No need for the other two presidential debates and the single vice presidential debate. My concern about Clinton as future President is decreasing, much to my surprise. My concern about Trump as future President is increasing and mixed – some I like, some I don’t. My enthusiasm for Johnson is fading fast. It’s all become very frustrating. It could be a really tough decision for me morning of Tuesday November 8, but this debate is likely to help decide it for me, one way or the other.

There is another possibility, however unlikely. The debate gets interrupted by major Breaking News . . . a natural disaster, or a terrorist attack . . . something significant. NBC would likely stick with the debate, while the others – especially CNN – might switch to the Breaking News event. Maybe Christ Jesus will return, making the debate and election moot.

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