Unusual Weather – Norman Oklahoma about 10 degrees Above Normal


Jim Lantern in Norman Oklahoma

Weather and Air Pollution

Monday 19 September 2016

Unusual Weather – Norman Oklahoma about 10 degrees Above Normal

Today and this week, Norman Oklahoma daytime highs and nighttime lows will be about 10 degrees above normal.

Today – Average 83F high 61F low, record high 100F (1954) low 45F (1905), forecast 94F high 70F low tonight, presently 72F at 6:45am CT. Heat index (feels like) to reach 100F between 2:00pm and 5:00pm.

Ragweed is high today and next few days. The air outside this morning before sunrise smells like wet mold, so I’m not opening doors and windows to let in fresh air. The air inside is better. Asthma has been bad this month, which is not unusual from end of August to December with high ozone levels in Norman. Allergies are unusually bad, as if this is a second Spring – trees that normally only flower from late March to end of April are getting flowers again. Tree pollen is the worst for me. Sinus headaches, sneezing, itching and watering eyes. Added pollution in SW Norman, where I am, from streets (Lindsey and 24th SW) and highways (9 and 35) construction work.

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