Kidney Stones – The Terror Begins


Jim Lantern


Kidney Stones – The Terror Begins

8:00am CT Monday 19 September 2016

I’ve had painful serious illnesses and injuries in the past, but this has had the greatest most disturbing emotional impact.

I was watching Fear The Walking Dead series on AMC TV last night. Hell for me began about halfway through so I missed the second half of the hour-long episode.

Age 60 now, probably one of the reasons why – in general. But why now, specifically? Other causes conspired, came together at same time, I’m guessing.

Impact on kidneys probably a sudden build-up since end of August. Increased doses of over-the-counter meds – Primatene for Asthma (caused by ozone and construction pollution in SW Norman), Benedryl for Allergies (surge in pollen including tree pollen as if a second Spring with unusual hot weather above normal average), Excedrin or Tylenol for Migraine and Sinus Headaches. Also, drinking a lot of Dr Pepper – something special about it unlike any other beverage or medicine – to knock down Depression, and to help restore some energy – along with increased iron and protein in meals, while also taking “Stress B-Complex” vitamin daily with breakfast. I’ve been drinking a lot of milk to coat stomach, reduce pain, and aid healing of stomach ulcers – I’ve already been scoped a couple of times to fix bleeding ulcers. Further, Lake Thunderbird having “lake turnover” causing horrible smell and taste in drinking water. City of Norman assures it is safe to drink. Well. of course they would. Not bad if you enjoy diarrhea. It mysteriously got worse after local election – voters voting against a new tax to fix that problem and flooding in area during storms. They’ve requested it before, got it, and then used the money for other things, so voters no longer trust them. Anyway, my PUR water pitcher filter usually takes out the worst of it, but not this time, so I’ve been buying bottled water – and am now suspecting it for somehow contributing to my new health problem. Likewise, bags of ice – those tiny ice cubes I like so much, since I can’t use the tap water to make ice in my ice trays until the drinking water problem clears up. Still a problem is washing clothes and taking showers doesn’t help much for the smell, but not a health issue.

It’s the passing of the kidney stones that was the bad part – blinding tortuous pain with some bleeding. Praying to God to go ahead and take me right then.

See the doctor? What doctor? What health care? Medicare is such a scam. I’m on the “Please Die Quickly” plan. It would be useless to visit the Emergency Room for their separate walk-in non-emergency but serious health problems for immediate care – can’t wait for a primary physician appointment kind of situation. I’m better this morning anyway, and more aware of potential causes – to reduce them.

The body is like a car, the driver the soul. I need new transportation for my soul if this visit to Earth is to continue much longer! Nearly everything is worn out now. Walmart is not yet stocking new artificial bodies – a few years away yet – but I predict it will eventually be possible to transfer the human soul into an artificial body and memories with identity into artificial brain therein. No more kidney stones. No more health problems. Perfect body? Doubtful. I’d probably have to visit the artificial body mechanics and technicians from time-to-time, at least once every hundred years.

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