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Jim Lantern, in Norman Oklahoma

8:00am CT Saturday 17 September 2016

Hour Glass

Personal Update

I rarely use Facebook. For those who want to interact with me there, click on this link: Jim Lantern at Facebook.

I’ve become much more active at Twitter. If interested in interacting with me there, it is Jim Lantern @TimeglassZone.

I’ve removed Google+ from my Contact/Feedback Page here. Google+ has never been useful. I no longer use it.

It is acceptable to email me for personal communications and for subjects presented here at Lantern Timeglass Journal:

The Contact/Feedback Page here at Lantern Timeglass Journal may be used for any subject (except spam of course).

I’ve lifted some of the past restrictions for Comments under postings, making it easier for readers to participate and interact with me in that way.

I will be doing more reading of other WordPress sites I’m following via the “Reader” – especially during weekends. Most of my writing here at Lantern Timeglass Journal will be during the week – Monday through Friday.

I was born 5 March 1956 in Wichita Kansas, age 60 now. Single. Straight. No children. Known relatives deceased. I live alone.

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Me at Oklahoma University duck pond in July 2008

I moved to Norman Oklahoma 3 May 2008, lived at same apartments complex for 7 years to 2 May 2015.


I was briefly homeless and traveling until returning to Norman in October 2015 and new home address in November 2015.


Me on my 60th birthday 5 March 2016 at my new home address. First “selfie” I’ve done with cell phone camera.

My first profession was in electronics repair, second in warehouse parts inventory control, third as a motel manager. After 30 years of employment, and decline in health, I qualified for Social Security Disability Benefits – I’m now living on at age 60.

Salvation Army

I served as a “soldier” in The Salvation Army during 1991 at age 35, mainly doing disaster relief work.

Watchmen Street

I consider myself to be an amateur independent journalist. Multi-subject, as is Lantern Timeglass Journal. My usual routine is to monitor various news sources via the Internet and via TV – CNN, FNC (Fox News Channel), and MSNBC, then to write editorial articles about various events and news stories. I prefer to do that here rather than to post comments under articles at various news websites.

I am a science fiction author – a paperback published in 2003 did not do well, the ebook version during 2004-2006 did enough to pay for a new personal desktop computer. The story includes time travel, time paradox, alternate history, space travel, space exploration, adventure, and some alien romance. The novel, a newer and longer version equal to two books – now titled “Once Upon Another Timeline” – is now free to read here at Lantern Timeglass Journal under the Free Novel Page tab at the top of this site. The access password is: clockwork


Jim Lantern is my avatar image and is my legal pen name for Internet use as an independent journalist and science fiction author. “To Help Light The Way” is the motto of Lantern Timeglass Journal.

I had a year of college 1974-1975 and disliked it. I preferred apprenticeship, to get paid while I learn, with on-the-job-training for hands-on experience. My stepfather died in 2000, left some money – I used to return to college for 2 years to take business and computer courses. I had NBC TV Today show on, was about to go out the door of my apartment to a morning class, when the 11 September 2001 terrorist attacks began – hitting The World Trade Center. Some of the students in the morning class were in military reserve. Their pagers started going off shortly after the Pentagon was attacked and then they left the class.

American flag Eagle Liberty graphic (7)

I was born into a Republican family in the oil business with wells in Kansas and Oklahoma. I’ve despised most upper class blue book social snobs because of how they treat people of lower income. Over the years, most of my employers, coworkers, and friends have been Democrats – they treated me right, made me feel welcome.


I average out to be Centrist by agreeing with Liberals on some issues – mostly personal and social, while agreeing with Conservatives on some issues – mostly economic and government. I’m similar to Libertarians. I’m registered as an Independent (unaffiliated) voter. At this time [17 September 2016], I’m planning to vote for Gary Johnson as the Libertarian presidential candidate, former Republican twice elected governor of a blue Democrat state.


In religion I refer to myself as a Spiritual Universalist. I’m not a member of a church, not a church-goer. However, I support the “Church in the Park” people helping homeless people to acquire apartments. Loss of affordable housing is now the number one cause of homelessness in the United States, accounting for 51% of homeless people including families with children.


Robert A. Heinlein is my favorite science fiction author of all time. I corresponded with him and his wife Virginia during the two years before he died. He and his stories inspired most of my science fiction writing.


Although it is not the best science fiction movie of all time, the 1985 movie Lifeforce is my number one favorite science fiction movie of all time. It involves a variation of vampires – who come from another planet, taking souls instead of blood and as result turn people into zombies.


The Walking Dead is my number one favorite TV series of all time – returns to AMC TV on Sunday 23 October 2016.

I’ve become a fan of Celtic Woman, and Orinco Flow (the Sail Away song) has become my number one favorite song of all time – favorite music video of all time. I’ve liked Rock and Roll, Rock, Pop, and Electronic, as well as TV shows and movie soundtracks music.

I’ve not been a major sports fan. I’ve liked auto and motorcycle racing, as well as soccer. I started to follow college football after moving to Norman – home of Oklahoma University Sooners – today playing Ohio State here in Norman – tonight on FOX TV. Meantime, adding to the traffic jams near O.U. is a fundraiser being attended by Donald Trump sometime today.

Games, apart from sports, I was an average chess player long ago. During the 10 years I ran service calls to repair juke boxes, pinball games, and video games in bars and clubs 1976-1986, I enjoyed billiards (pool) and darts.

I dated a lot of women during those years 1976-1986. Never married – almost did a couple of times – peacefully going our separate ways. Never met my soulmate. I never wanted children – not wanting to pass my bad health genetics on to another generation – my health history same as my father and his father.

The onset of bleeding stomach ulcers caused me to permanently stop drinking all alcoholic beverages in August 1986. I still suffer from stomach ulcers. I never smoked cigarettes (or anything else) because of a lifelong history of bronchial asthma. I never served in the military because of my history of asthma. I never used (or sold) illegal drugs, or engaged in abuse of prescription drugs. No criminal record.

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