Google now SPAMMING Gmail Users – 16 September 2016


Jim Lantern

Special Report

Friday morning 16 September 2016

Google now SPAMMING Gmail Users

As of this morning, when I checked my gmail account, I discovered two ads in my in-box as if emails sent to me, but no sender. Google produced them and placed them there. The first was to inform me about the new ads service depositing ads into my in-box like emails. If I don’t like it, then I can start paying for gmail use. It didn’t say how much and I didn’t click on the link to find out. Once opening the email ad, the options are to dismiss the particular ad – delete it, or change or turn off personalizing ads – to get ads catered to my interests based on content of my emails sent or received, websites I visit, and other Internet activity Google monitors. No privacy. I can turn off personalizing ads to instead get ads of various subjects in general. The second one I got this morning was one of the personalized ads, and it was a very wrong guess about my interests – typical of personalizing ads (they never get it right), and so I turned off personalizing ads.

After years of fighting SPAM, Google now produces it on steroids in gmail.

It will eventually happen to all other email options – pay for use or get ads like email in your in-box. So there’s no point in changing to a different source. Others I tried before are worse.

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