15 September 2016 – Health Care and Hillary Clinton after illness, a new perspective?


Jim Lantern

Editorial Article

2:40pm CT Wednesday 15 September 2016

15 September 2016 – Health Care and Hillary Clinton after illness, a new perspective?

Hillary Clinton returns to campaign after brief illness – pneumonia. This hour she is giving her first major speech since returning, covered live on MSNBC. She does look and sound fully recovered. She has given a good speech.

Was the December 2012 head injury and the recent illness an eye-opening experience for Hillary Clinton? Maybe. Has it changed her perspective on health care? Maybe.

A person who has not suffered from serious injury and/or major illness has a different perspective on health care than someone who has suffered from serious injury and/or major illness. Likewise, those who can’t afford it compared to those who can afford it.

Developing Empathy: Walk a mile in someone’s shoes. Famous proverb – “Before you criticize a man, walk a mile in his shoes.” Likewise, “You can’t really understand other people’s experiences until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes.”

A natural disaster is comparable. New Jersey Governor Chris Christi condemned FEMA aid to Hurricane Katrina victims, when he was opposed to such aid. Then he demanded government aid and got friendly with President Obama [he was condemned for by conservative Republicans] when New Jersey got hit by Hurricane Sandy. He is a Republican Governor twice elected in a blue Democrat state.

Hillary Clinton said the right things in her speech just now, which included the political issue of health care, proving she now fully understands the suffering of Americans from serious injuries and major illnesses. Also, the cost and those who can’t afford it, compared to those who can afford it and get better treatment.

It’s not enough to gain my vote, but it is a huge step in the right direction – or the left direction but not the wrong direction.

The Monday 26 September 2016 debate will help to decide it, if enough of the major issues are properly covered.

By the way, Donald Trump made an excellent speech on his economic policy earlier today. For the related issues, Trump is qualified to speak, and I believe we can trust him and his position on those issues. So like Hillary Clinton’s speech, it is a step in the right direction, but not enough to gain my vote.

I’m still leaning in favor of Gary Johnson, and William Weld – although Libertarians, both were Republican Governors twice elected in blue Democrat states.

I average out to be centrist. I’m an unaffiliated Independent voter. I was born 1956 into a Republican family, but over the years most of my friends, coworkers, and employers have been Democrats – they treated me right. Better than Republicans tending to be control freaks while being anti-big-government as a kind of hypocrisy.

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