Miss America 2017


Entertainment Editorial Article by Jim Lantern – after a crack team of eyeball technicians worked all night putting my eyes back into their sockets…

Monday 12 September 2016

Miss America 2017

Broadcast on ABC TV Sunday night 8:00pm to 10:00pm, 11 September 2016.

The first surprising thing I noticed that dropped my jaw was the majority of contestants appeared to be natural normal attractive beauties instead of what I’d refer to as the plastic kind. Of the plastic kind I’m reminded of female androids made to look human in science fiction TV shows and movies. Also comes to mind the saying “the lights are on but nobody is home.” Not so this time. I can’t say all of the natural normal attractive beauties in this contest are “tens” on a scale of 1 to 10, but they are real – not “made-up” excessively, and that is actually better. The kind of women I could enjoy the company of, easy on the eyes and great for conversation with strong presence of mind, heart and soul. Down-to-earth beauty and intelligence. Further, this time, more so the brunettes than the blondes. I don’t recall noticing any redheads, of whom their kind of humor is usually interesting. Fewer “minorities” participating this year than past years, I noticed. However, Miss New York (an African-America) stood out above all others for one special reason. She can really sing. She could easily win on NBC TV’s America’s Got Talent or The Voice. My opinion, she won the Talent Competition last night, no contest, by far.

I’ve watched Miss America (and Miss USA) on TV as far back as I can remember – now age 60. I’ve usually made a list of the contestants, and then put checks next to their names – those at the start that get my attention, and then a check for each part of the contest – swimsuit, evening gown, talent, and questions. Then I add up the checks to determine the winner. Those who got checked from the start included Miss California, Miss Maryland, and Miss Washington. Just those three stood out above all others in my opinion.

The swimsuit competition confirmed those three, as did the evening gown competition.

During the talent competition, I dropped Miss California and Miss Washington, kept Miss Maryland, and added Miss New York.

The judges asked the usual stupid questions, making it harder for me to judge the contestants. However, for the political issues, answers indicate most of those contestants are centrist independent like I am. Otherwise, none of them stood out.

My final prediction, as I was tweeting all this on Twitter while watching the show: Miss Maryland will win. Miss New York will be runner-up and could easily go on to make a few billion dollars in a future singing career.

I was wrong – Miss Maryland didn’t win. Although I was wrong, I congratulate the winner: Miss America 2017 is SAVVY SHIELDS from ARKANSAS.

Keep an eye and ear to 2nd runner-up Miss New York Camille Sims for a possible future singing career – we’ve not seen the last of her. I also expect we’ve not seen the last of Miss Maryland Hannah Brewer, who made it into the top 7. From my first picks, Miss Washington Alicia Cooper was 3rd runner-up, and Miss California Jessa Carmack made it into the top 10.

From Wikipedia…

Final results Contestant
Miss America 2017
1st runner-up
2nd runner-up
3rd runner-up
4th runner-up
Top 7
Top 10
Top 12
Top 15

It was a tough decision. Watch Fear the Walking Dead on AMC TV at 8:00pm CT (to 9:00pm CT), or watch Miss America 2017 on Sunday night 11 September 2016 at 8:00pm CT (to 10:00pm CT). I could have monitored one on my 13-inch TV while watching the other on my 26-inch TV, side-by-side. Even so, I knew AMC repeats each episode of Fear the Walking Dead at 10:00pm CT and the following Sunday night at 7:00pm, so I wasn’t going to miss it. I ended up watching last nights new 8:00pm CT episode at 10:00pm, after watching Miss America 2017 on ABC TV. Also, ABC TV had a good lead-in with Celebrity family Feud at 7:00pm CT, and Family Feud is my all-time favorite TV game show – one of the few that consistently make me laugh as well as entertaining the mind similar to the way Jeopardy does. The Walking Dead is due to return to AMC TV with a new season starting on Sunday 23 October 2016 at 8:00pm CT – followed by The Talking Dead live show at 9:00pm CT. Although The Walking Dead has continued to be my #1 favorite TV show of all time, it and Fear the Walking Dead have fallen into the same repeating story-telling formula – too predictable. However, the new season of The Walking Dead promises to be stunningly different than all past seasons, breaking new ground as well as a few heads – not just zombies. I predict ratings for The Walking Dead on AMC TV 8:00pm Sunday 23 October 2016 will break all ratings history – even exceeding the ratings record of the Super Bowl.

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