Hillary Clinton – Down, but Not Out – 12 September 2016


Politics and Health – Editorial Article by Jim Lantern 

Monday 12 September 2016

Hillary Clinton – Down, but Not Out

Pneumonia is a rough trip. Even Hillary Clinton does not deserve that kind of suffering. I had it during childhood. Lifelong bronchial asthma too – now at age 60.

If Hillary Clinton has caught The Walking Dead zombie virus, she can still walk the zombie shuffle for President instead of running for President! Donald Trump might want to get a few tips from Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) for how to handle zombie candidates for competition.

Clinton fell ill during the 9/11 New York memorial service. She was diagnosed with pneumonia 2 days earlier. She has canceled her planned trip to California for today Monday and tomorrow Tuesday.

Will Clinton’s campaign and press managers withhold the truth about her health? Probably. If she dies, then they will probably announce, “No, she’s much better now!” A mild case of death is no excuse to stop being a presidential candidate.

Will Clinton gain sympathy votes because of her bad health? Not likely, considering the job is President of thee United States. Even so, past Presidents of the United States were able to do the job during bad health and disabilities.

What happens if she leaves the presidential race for health reasons? What will Democrats do if she leaves the race for health reasons – or worse – dies? I’ve read her VP running mate Senator Tim Kaine would not automatically take her place – this not like Presidential Line of Succession. The Democratic Party would have to pick a new candidate, if allowed to do so this late in the race, or be out of the race. Perhaps Bernie Sanders would be revived. Would that assure the win for Donald Trump? No. But I believe it could help boost chances of winning for Libertarian Gary Johnson.

I am still and have been predicting that whoever wins Election 2016 to be our next President taking office on 20 January 2017, will not finish out the 4-year term – maybe not even complete 2017. My prediction is that the new President will become disabled (not dead) to such extent that he or she will be replaced via Presidential Line of Succession – and it might not be the Vice President if also disabled. My prediction is it will be the result of a natural disaster exceeding Katrina in wide-spread devastation. The new ABC TV series Designated Survivor, starting Wednesday night 21 September 2016, is about a nuclear terrorist attack killing the President and his cabinet during the State of the Union, but for the one held at a remote location for such a possible event. Via Presidential Line of Succession, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Tom Kirkman becomes the new President – staring Kiefer Southerland as the new President.

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