Heroin: The Zombies are Real


Editorial Article by Jim Lantern

Monday 12 September 2016

Heroin: The Zombies are Real

Seriously – it looks like it could be a scene from the AMC TV series The Walking Dead.


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Excerpts from CNN article:

  • A city in Ohio says it decided to release a set of graphic photos to drive home the devastating effects of heroin addiction and the toll it takes on families.
  • The photos show a man and woman passed out in the front seat of a car with a child sitting in the back.
  • “We feel it necessary to show the other side of this horrible drug,” a post on the city of East Liverpool’s Facebook page reads, explaining its decision.
  • “We feel we need to be a voice for the children caught up in this horrible mess.”

Update 12 September 2016…

CNN – Pair in Ohio heroin photo ‘almost definitely’ would have died, official says

Ohio boy seen in car with passed-out adults gets new home


It becomes more serious when children are involved, which is one of the reasons why the photos were taken. Children who are victims of their parents using heroin or any major illegal drugs – the kind that would never under any circumstances be legalized and can’t be justified.

It’s complicated. Many different causes. Makes it difficult to treat.

It’s a crime issue and a health issue.

More users are going to diversion and rehabilitation programs than to jail or prison, and that’s a good thing. Too many people are in jail for nonviolent crimes involving illegal drugs or abuse of prescription drugs. However, it is my opinion that those people who are selling illegal drugs – the most dangerous kind (not marijuana being considered for medical use) – should be executed – should get the death penalty as a capital crime – especially when it puts those drugs in the hands of parents or directly into the hands of teens and children themselves. There should be mercy for users. No mercy for sellers.

Police looking the other way, or otherwise corrupt people in law enforcement at all levels including the DEA, is part of the problem undermining the war on illegal drugs use and sales.

It’s not just heroin, of course. I’ve had neighbors recently who were using opium. Others on meth. They look like the adults in those two Ohio photos. One is on parole for meth, still using, police and parole officer know and do nothing.

There are the on-the-side crimes, such as theft of property to pawn to get money to buy more drugs.

There is the homeless issue tie-in, with many of the users becoming out-on-the-street homeless. When they end up in Public Housing or Section 8 Housing, HUD looks the other way, as do private landlords as long as they get the money one way or another. If not, then evictions and back to being homeless. When they rent to users, it spreads in apartment complexes, attracts the sellers and other kinds of crime and criminals. It is like a virus, how it spreads and what it does to our society.

For those drugs and substances that could be legalized, doing so will most likely result in federal control, like most prescription drugs. No one is going to be allowed to grow or make them in their homes – although maybe at first with special small private business or self employment licenses – but eventually it will all go to the big companies manufacturing and distributing most drugs. They will lobby for control. Politicians – lawmakers – will give it to them for kickbacks and support in campaigns. All involved will be taxed by city, county, state, and federal government. Greed rules. We live in a vulture culture.

Further, for those legalized drugs, a possible solution would be to have legal places – businesses and clinics – where people would go to use the drugs, be observed for health and safety while doing so, and then when recovered enough be allowed to leave. Like going to a bar or club to get drunk, but not being allowed to leave until sober. With the addition of medical staff and security. Like opium dens but legal. As easy as going to a movie theater – sit in your seat and take a trip. Or the Hotel California…

“Relax, ” said the night man,
“We are programmed to receive.
You can check-out any time you like,
But you can never leave! “

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