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Commander-in-Chief Forum 7 PM CT on NBC TV, 7 Sept 2016


Jim Lantern


Commander-in-Chief Forum

7 PM CT on NBC TV, 7 Sept 2016 [1 hour – just before America’s Got Talent results show at 8pm CT.]

Clinton vs. Trump battle in New York City.

Hosted by Iraq & Afghanistan Veterans of America.

TV Guide: “Focusing exclusively on what the next president will have to confront as commander in chief. NBC News and an audience comprised mainly of military veterans and active service members will pose questions to the candidates on topics involving national security, military affairs and veterans issues.”

1 Aliens playing Chess

Predator Donald Trump vs. Queen Alien Hillary Clinton

Too bad Gary Johnson will not be included for the (Libertarian) third choice, but his position on those issues is known. Even so, the exposure would boost him in polls for participating in the first presidential debate night of Monday September 26. That debate will likely decide it, one way or the other, for Clinton or Trump. Clinton’s position on issues is as well known as Johnson’s position on issues. They are not wavering from any pressure or polls, but Trump continues to waver on most issues. Can we trust what he claims in the debate? Might he change his mind and position the next day? Very likely. Trump’s modus operandi appears to be to say what he believes the majority of voters want to hear. He will say whatever it takes to win. His goal is not to take a solid position on any issues, but to win the race. We know what Clinton will do if she wins. We know what Johnson will do if he were to win. We really don’t know what Trump would do if he were to win. Trump, after winning, could change his position on any issues, betraying the majority of voters who elect him. So it is two knows vs. one unknown. “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.” – saying – “Said when you think it is wiser to deal with someone or something familiar, although you do not like him, her, or it, than to deal with someone or something you do not know that might be worse.”

I’ve been “better Trump than Clinton” but now favoring Johnson.

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