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Thursday 1 September 2016



In my normal dreams and nightmares I see myself as I am now or when I was younger from an out-of-body perspective. I’m not in the dream body. I’m outside of it, as if my dream soul or dream spirit is apart from my dream body. I’m seeing the dream as if watching a video with me in it. I see myself in that video.

Very few dreams of myself as I am now or when I was younger in which the only way I can see myself within the dream or nightmare is to look into a mirror or some other reflective surface within the dream. So in that way I’m looking through the eyes of myself in the dream or nightmare. I’m in the dream body, not outside of it.

More rare, those few dreams and nightmares in which I look into a mirror or some other reflective surface, and do not recognize myself from any time during the history of my present physical life here in Earth. Most of those faces in such dreams are of course human, as if remembering another life, perhaps a past life – as in reincarnation, or somehow remembering or seeing an alternate history from the perspective of being in the body of another person.

Or it could be a telepathic link to another person having a dream, and my dream is seeing that other person in his dream from the perspective of his dream body as he looks into a mirror within the dream.

Complicated? More so if the face in the mirror within the dream isn’t human. Perhaps human-like. Otherwise alien, as if seeing a life lived on another world (another planet) of another time in history or an alternate history universe.

Further, a time difference in history could imply involvement of time travel rather than reincarnation. For time travelers, of a kind, answers can come before questions.

What happens to the soul of a space traveler who dies on a distant planet inhabited by people physically similar to the space traveler? Is his soul returned to his world to be reincarnated there? Is his soul returned to his home world to ascend into a spiritual heaven for the people of his world? Or might the spiritual heaven encompass his world, the visited world, and all other inhabited worlds? Might his soul for whatever reason become trapped on the visited alien world upon dying there? Then to be reincarnated – born into a life there, or to ascend into the spiritual heaven of the people of that world? If reincarnated there, might he remember his alien past life during and within dreams and nightmares while sleeping at night, in which he sees his alien face within a mirror – perhaps a remembered event that took place on his home world long ago?

Dead man walking
Dead man talking
Dead man whispers
Dead man writing
Dead man dreams
Ghost of me

Dreams . . . barely remembered upon awakening.

Nightmares . . . never to be forgotten.

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ONCE UPON ANOTHER TIMELINE – Free Novel by Jim Lantern – involving alternate history, time paradox, time travel, soul travel, space travel, aliens, reincarnation, religion, politics and government. Click on link to read it free anytime. Here’s an Introduction…

Once upon another timeline, there was a planet named Mirandus. It was a distant inhabitable planet discovered and named by astronomers who were Landors [“LAN-dors”—species] of planet Langenth [“LAN-genth”], Bracatus is the name they gave to the star—the sun—of Mirandus. Langenth is the name of one of the home planets of the Mercatorians of the Interstar Trading Worlds in the Mercatorian Empire, an empire of merchants engaged in peaceful trade.

This is a story about some of the Mercatorians whose lives were impacted by the discovery of Mirandus, as well as others who became involved with and went on the Bracatus Mirandus Expedition.

It is also about a time traveler from the future of Mirandus, who has traveled hundreds of light years across space and thousands of years into the past to give a warning to the Mercatorians about the expedition to try to save it and change history. It ended in a horrible disaster with the death of the explorers and the destruction of their star ship. Then events beyond their control resulted in their Mercatorian souls being trapped on planet Mirandus, where they were then reincarnated and became Mirandians. Before they died, they were able to bury time capsules containing information about their planets and detailed plans for how to build a star ship. The time capsules are then recovered on present day Mirandus by some Mirandians who have the reincarnated souls of Mercatorians. They intend to build the first Mirandian star ship and then return home in human form. What happened to their interstellar empire, and why was no rescue mission sent? 40 thousand Mirandian years have passed since the time of the Bracatus Mirandus Expedition during Mirandian year 37,988 BCE.

The time traveler, who has the soul of a Mercatorian, is sent by the government he works for on a “Clockwork mission” for the top secret project named “Timeglass” during Mirandian year 2012 CE. By saving Mercatorians from an enemy in their time, the time traveler hopes to be able to save his world from what he believes to be the same enemy in his time. Moments after he departed from the SlipField ArchPad, built with a TimeArch in addition to a SpaceArch, the planet he knew as Earth ceased to exist, and became known as Mirandus.

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