Price Gouging of Live Saving Medicine should be a Capital Crime punished with Death Penalty


Editorial Article by Jim Lantern

Thursday 25 August 2016

Price Gouging of Live Saving Medicine should be a Capital Crime punished with Death Penalty 

The news story via ABC News and Twitter…

Sen. Joe Manchin Questions EpiPen Pricing by Company His Daughter Runs – ABC News – via

  • A U.S. senator whose daughter is the CEO of Mylan Pharmaceuticals has weighed in on the onslaught of criticism over the company’s pricing of its popular EpiPen, even as Mylan today promised to expand a discount program for the anti-allergy medication.
  • The company has come under fire by members of Congress and the American Medical Association for the cost of the drug, which can now be about $600, up from approximately $100 in 2009.

My opinion…

It amounts to pay or die. If you can’t pay, if you can’t get the money, then you die. Those who die because of this should be classified as murders. Sounds like some kinds of crime. If it isn’t a crime, it should be. Further, all persons – owners and management – responsible for this, found guilty in a court of law, should get the death penalty for this as a capital crime. They should be immediately taken out of the courthouse, put up against a wall in a courtyard, and executed by a firing squad.

It would not be enough punishment to just fine a company found guilty. The people who run it must be punished without mercy. No forgiveness. This kind of crime amounts to willful evil. Greed in a vulture culture. Money first, health care last – if any at all. The “Please Die Quickly” Health Care Plan. Let’s see how well they manage the business when their own lives depend on getting life-saving results.

No one should ever be denied life saving medicine for any reason, unless because of a confirmed shortage – a supply and demand issue. Even then, price gouging is not justified. Priorities would have to be set to determine who should be saved, or there should be a kind of lottery to distribute it.

As a person who has suffered from bronchial asthma and allergies all of my life – now 60 years old, I know what it is like to be without medicine when needed and to not have enough money to buy more – some drugs not covered by insurance or the copay is way too high. The last time I had good health care, when doctors and others in the health care business actually cared, was during the 1980’s. The 1990’s were a transition from good to bad. Mostly bad since then, they could not care less about the health of patients. They just want the money via insurance coverage or any means possible. They are in it for the money, not to save lives. Is it no wonder the majority of doctors and administrators of health care have their homes and offices near golf courses, considering their priorities.

There was one time I had to go to a hospital emergency room. Attacked by a swam of unidentified flying insects while out riding my bicycle, I began to go into anaphylactic shock. At the hospital, a doctor ordered a nurse to put me on two kinds of medicine – one via IV and the other to be inhaled for an hour. Thirty minutes later, a hospital administrator came in, overruled the doctor, remarked about my limited coverage and low income, and then ordered the treatment to be stopped. Lucky for me, I had recovered well enough by then. Even though I did not resist, the administrator ordered security to escort me out of the hospital. They acted like I’m a criminal for having got just the thirty minutes of treatment, and would have been happy to shoot me if I had resisted being kicked out.

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