Praise for Yukon Oklahoma Police – Rescues Autistic Boy’s Birthday Party

Special Report by Jim Lantern, Lantern Timeglass Journal

Friday 19 August 2016

Not what I usually write about, but I’m expanding. Why this specific story? A mother and her child were snubbed by people who in part might believe they are better than everyone else and/or because of their unjustified fear. I’m not autistic but I know what it is like to be discriminated against and snubbed for other reasons, especially during childhood.

Much to my surprise, CNN somehow managed to briefly get away from the mud of the 2016 presidential election campaign and the Olympics controversy to do a real human interest story this morning. CNN got it from local KFOR. It happened a few days ago, published at the CNN website 10 August 2016 but just reported on CNN on TV today.

A mother having a birthday party for her autistic child had invited several children. One by one their parents called to give excuses why their child would not be attending. Then something amazing happened…

Police rescue autistic boy’s birthday party

There is video there, and here is an excerpt…

  • “Not many people were saying if they were going to come or not,” she told CNN affiliate KFOR .
  • As Hubbard weighed canceling the party, someone knocked on her front door. Outside were members of Yukon’s police department. At first she thought her luck had gone from bad to worse. “They come up to my door, and you always think that’s bad,” Hubbard said.
  • But the officers came as invited guests. Unbeknownst to Terra, someone put a call into the department telling them “there was this little boy with autism who was going to have a birthday party and asked if we could show up,” Capt. Matt Hofer recalled.

From KFOR published 9 August 2016 includes video there…

“We’ll never forget that birthday,” Oklahoma officers come to the rescue after no one shows to boy’s party

  • A touching story unfolded when it appeared no one would show up for the third birthday party of a little boy with autism. Then a few good men and women in badges saved the day.

Considering the ongoing controversy involving law enforcement across the country, it’s good to balance it out with good stories like this one.

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