Manafort is OUT, Trump goes to Louisiana

It’s Hang’um High Noon (Central Time) Friday 19 August 2016 after last night’s Full Moon 

Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort resigns – via

Paul Manafort OUT. Good! He continued to lie in interviews about Melania speech when everyone knew truth. One of reasons why I dumped Trump.

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern, Lantern Timeglass Journal

It wasn’t just the plagiarism. It was the denials and lies to cover it up even after most people knew the truth.

Worse then the lies, there is the Russian connection – not just Trump but especially Manafort. Even though Manafort has resigned, his connection to Russia and Ukraine should still be further investigated.

Manafort leaving Trump campaign is a step in the right direction. It’s good for Trump.

Ever since Trump got his first National Security Briefing, he has been acting presidential – for the first time. I wonder what he was informed about that caused him to get serious. He even humbled himself slightly when he expressed regrets about some of the things he has said – especially what has hurt people in a personal way. The speech he gave yesterday at a North Carolina rally is the way overdue speech he should have given to launch his campaign or he should have given it at the Republican National Convention. It is the best speech he has given so far, with good focus on important issues. If this continues, then he could win back my vote.

Now, as I write this, live coverage on CNN of Trump with Pence in Louisiana surveying the flood damage. That’s good. A person can’t see that kind of devastation and not be changed – usually for the better. It’s one thing to see it in news stories, another thing to be there with the victims.

I’ve been there. During the 1991 floods in Louisiana I was at Shreveport. I served a year as a “soldier” in the Southern Division of The Salvation Army, mainly helping victims of fires and floods. Also, I’ve survived tornadoes in Kansas and Oklahoma. I know what it is like to lose everything and have to start over – for other reasons.

Every candidate, every elected person, every politician needs to see what it is like for the victims.

Chris Christi complained about federal aid to Hurricane Katrina victims. Then when Hurricane Sandy hit his state – New Jersey – as Governor he demanded federal aid. As a victim it changed him – for the better. It reminds me of Libertarians and their hatred toward any government aid for any reason – until one of them becomes a victim and then that individual sings a different tune. Easy to deny aid to others, but when they need it they will demand it. Christi is a Republican twice elected Governor of New Jersey – a blue Democrat state.

Trump going to Louisiana to see the disaster with his own eyes is not just a campaign stunt to gain more votes. It will change him. I’m guessing Chris Christi advised Trump to visit the disaster area. If Trump wins the election, then having seen this disaster in person will make him a better President. No doubt about it. As I write this, he has not yet been interviewed or given a speech about it. When he does, what he says about it and how he says it should make some difference for support and votes. How will he handle a significant natural disaster as President? It is a very important issue. People died. People lost everything. That kind of issue must rank higher than other issues that don’t cost lives and involve people losing everything.

For example, recalling the Moore Oklahoma tornado…

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