A Beautiful Day – Finally!

Personal Observation

1:00pm CT Friday 19 August 2016

Norman, Oklahoma

Jim Lantern, Lantern Timeglass Journal

Best weather day so far this year. Beautiful weather during the morning. Temperature about 70F at sunrise, and no heat index – it felt like a perfect 70F. Humidity was nearly 100% but not uncomfortable. No rain, but air felt like it and smelled like it – or like being on the shore of a lake with a breeze blowing toward the beach with moisturized fresh air. Humidity feels bad when too hot or too cold. This kind of humidity felt good. Breezy at 10 mph, sometimes windy gusting 15-20 mph. Big puffy clouds moving real fast very low from southwest to northeast. Fluctuating between mostly cloudy and partly cloudy with some sun getting through. The full moon before it set shined through openings in the clouds. The sunlight gave the edge of the clouds a variety of colors like in a rainbow. Could get rain and t-storms late night into early tomorrow morning.

An easy ride on my bicycle the mile over to Homeland grocery store about 11:00am. I needed more milk and margarine. I stopped at KFC across the corner from the store on the way back. I got a $5 “Fill Up Box” – chicken breast, mashed potatoes and gravy, biscuit, medium drink, chocolate chip cookie. I shared some of the chicken with the two cats . . . now asleep on the floor of my living room, on their backs with paws in air, and big ear-to-ear grin, totally satisfied . . . so they are having a good day too.

For a while, I had the TVs and radios off, my French doors open, just listening to the sounds of the breeze and nature outside. A flock of ducks flew over from south to north.

Then monitoring CNN on my 13-inch TV. No boring news today. Manafort bites the dust (a good thing). Trump goes to Louisiana (a good thing). Headline – “Miami Beach Zika Cases May Prompt Call to Avoid City” (not a good thing). Floodwater mosquitoes thrive during floods, and mosquitoes carry the zombie virus. Could spread from Florida along the gulf coast over to Louisiana.

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