Some of My Favorite TV Shows – History List – 1960’s

Special Posting by Jim Lantern, Lantern Timeglass Journal

Wednesday 17 August 2016

Some of My Favorite TV Shows – History List – 1960’s

This will be continued with separate postings for each following decade as soon as I can get them done.

I was born 5 March 1956. I grew up with TV. The transition from black and white to color. VHF over the air – for ABC, CBS, and NBC.

UHF with a different kind of antenna for FOX TV launched 9 October 1986. It included Married… with Children, an American sitcom that aired for 11 seasons.  The show, notable for being the first prime-time television series to air on FOX, ran from 5 April 1987, to 9 June 1997. It was one of my favorites – one of the few comedy shows that actually made me laugh.

I bought my first TV in June 1974 at age 18 when I moved into my first apartment. I first got cable TV on 1 August 1981 – which also happened to be the day MTV (Music Television) was launched. It was one of my favorite cable TV channels – but only while it mainly showed music videos.

I’ll begin this list of shows I regularly liked to watch when going from age 4 to 5, the 1960-1961 TV season of primetime TV shows, which in Wichita Kansas – Central Time Zone – was 7:00pm to 10:00pm (3 hours) Monday through Friday, 6:00pm to 10:00pm (4 hours) Saturday and Sunday. Back then, a TV “season” ran from first week of September to last week of May. The summers were reruns – no new episodes but for a few exceptions. Holiday specials dominated the winter break from the week of Thanksgiving to the week after New Years Day. There were a few exceptions for new shows beginning in January instead of September. Now, at most, a “season” is about the length of an actual season of about 12 weeks – only 12 episodes. In the past, networks committed to about 36 episodes to cover the 9 months of a TV season.

For this list, I will only list a TV series one time for the year it began or when I began to watch it (usually September of the year noted). List created with the help of Wikipedia to refresh my memory – click on year to see complete list of shows for that season. For some schedule conflicts, there were no VCRs – I did not get my first VCR until 1998, so I’d usually watch the second choice when in summer reruns.

Some shows were watched alone, or with my sister (8 years older then me), or with entire family – parents and sister. So a few of the shows listed they liked to watch and I ended up watching with them. Very rare, I’d have a friend stay overnight Fridays or Saturdays who’d I’d watch some shows with. After May 1968 I’d frequently watch TV at the home of a next-door neighbor family, while also playing chess and other board games with them and another neighborhood friend.


Walt Disney Presents – ABC – Sundays

Lassie – CBS – Sundays

The Bugs Bunny Show – ABC – Tuesdays

The Red Skelton Show – CBS – Tuesdays

The Real McCoys – ABC – Thursdays

The Flintstones – ABC – Fridays

Bonanza – NBC – Saturdays


Mr. Ed – CBS – Sundays

Dennis the Menace – CBS – Sundays

Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color – NBC – Sundays

The Ed Sullivan Show – CBS – Sundays

Car 54, Where Are You? – NBC – Sundays

Candid Camera – CBS – Sundays

To Tell The Truth – CBS – Mondays

The Rifleman – ABC – Mondays

The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour – CBS – Mondays (Summer)

Top Cat – ABC – Wednesdays

The Perry Como Show – NBC – Wednesdays

The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet – ABC – Thursdays

My Three Sons – ABC – Thursdays

Sing Along with Mitch – NBC – Thursdays

The Twilight Zone – CBS – Fridays

NBC Saturday Night at the Movies – NBC – Saturdays

Gunsmoke – CBS – Saturdays


The Jetsons – ABC – Sundays

Combat! – ABC – Tuesdays

The Beverly Hillbillies – CBS – Wednesdays

The Virginian – NBC – Wednesdays

Perry Como’s Kraft Music Hall – NBC – Wednesdays

Perry Mason – CBS – Thursdays

McHale’s Navy – ABC – Thursdays


My Favorite Martian – CBS – Sundays

The Outer Limits – ABC – Mondays

I’ve Got a Secret – CBS – Mondays

NBC Monday Night at the Movies – NBC – Mondays

The Fugitive – ABC – Tuesdays

The Patty Duke Show – ABC – Wednesdays


Branded – NBC – Sundays

My Living Doll (science fiction comedy about a female android) – CBS – Sundays

The ABC Sunday Night Movie – ABC – Sundays

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea – ABC – Mondays

The Man from UNCLE – NBC – Mondays

Petticoat Junction – CBS – Tuesdays

NBC Wednesday Night at the Movies – NBC – Wednesdays

Jonny Quest – ABC – Thursdays

The Munsters – CBS – Thursdays

Daniel Boone – NBC – Thursdays

Password – CBS – Thursdays

The Addams Family – ABC – Fridays

Twelve O’Clock High – ABC – Fridays

Flipper – NBC – Saturdays

The Famous Adventures of Mr. Magoo – NBC – Saturdays

Gilligan’s Island – CBS – Saturdays

The Hollywood Palace – ABC – Saturdays


The FBI – ABC – Sundays

The ABC Sunday Night Movie – ABC – Sundays

The Avengers – ABC – Mondays

Run for Your Life – NBC – Mondays

My Mother the Car – NBC – Tuesdays

NBC Tuesday Night at the Movies – NBC – Tuesdays

Batman – ABC – Wednesdays

Lost in Space – CBS – Wednesdays

Green Acres – CBS – Wednesdays

The Big Valley – ABC – Wednesdays

I Spy – NBC – Wednesdays

Laredo – NBC – Thursdays

CBS Thursday Night Movie – CBS – Thursdays

The Wild Wild West – CBS – Fridays

Hogan’s Heroes – CBS – Fridays

Honey West – ABC – Fridays

The Smothers Brothers Show – CBS – Fridays

I Dream of Jeannie – NBC – Saturdays

Get Smart – NBC – Saturdays

The Loner – CBS – Saturdays


It’s About Time – CBS – Sundays

The Saint – NBC – Sundays (Summer)

The Monkeys – NBC – Mondays

The Iron Horse – ABC – Mondays

The Rat Patrol – ABC – Mondays

Coronet Blue – CBS – Mondays (Summer)

The Girl from UNCLE – NBC – Tuesdays

The Invaders – ABC – Tuesdays

The ABC Wednesday Night Movie – ABC – Wednesdays

Star Trek – NBC – Thursdays

The CBS Thursday Night Movies – CBS – Thursdays

Dragnet – NBC – Thursdays

The Green Hornet – ABC – Fridays

The Time Tunnel – ABC – Fridays

The CBS Friday Night Movies – CBS – Fridays

THE Cat – NBC – Fridays

Mission: Impossible – CBS – Saturdays


Gentle Ben – CBS – Sundays

The High Chaparral – NBC – Sundays

Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In – NBC – Mondays

It Takes a Thief – ABC – Tuesdays

NBC Tuesday Night at the Movies – NBC – Tuesdays

Kraft Music Hall – NBC – Wednesdays

Ironside – NBC – Thursdays

The Guns of Will Sonnett – ABC – Fridays

The Hollywood Squares – NBC – Fridays

The Prisoner – CBS – Saturdays (Summer)

Mannix – CBS – Saturdays


Land of the Giants – ABC – Sundays

Here Come the Brides – ABC – Wednesdays

Hawaii Five-O – CBS – Wednesdays

The Name of the Game – NBC – Fridays

The Jackie Gleason Show – CBS – Saturdays

Mannix – CBS – Saturdays


Love, American Style – ABC – Mondays

Pat Paulsen’s Half a Comedy Hour – ABC – Thursdays

The Brady Bunch – ABC – Fridays


  1. The Prisoner *
  2. The Avengers
  3. The Invaders
  4. The Twilight Zone
  5. The Outer Limits
  6. Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea
  7. Star Trek
  8. Lost in Space
  9. The Time Tunnel
  10. Land of the Giants
  11. Mannix
  12. Hawaii Five-O
  13. The Saint
  14. Mission Impossible
  15. The Man from UNCLE
  16. The Name of the Game
  17. The Wild Wild West
  18. Here Come the Brides
  19. My Favorite Martian
  20. I Dream of Jeannie

* – The Prisoner was my Number One favorite TV series of all time, until The Walking Dead became my Number One favorite of all time starting in October 2010 on AMC TV (cable TV channel). Hell On Wheels – also on AMC TV – ranks Number Two favorite of all time since first episode in November 2011, pushing The Prisoner down to Number three favorite of all time. By the way, AMC TV attempted a reimagined remake of The Prisoner as a short miniseries, a failure having almost nothing in common with the original staring Patrick McGoohan as “Number Six” – who is still my Number One favorite actor of all time.

PostScript – Special Mention: I watched Doctor Who – Tom Baker version was my favorite, the Fourth Doctor 1974 to 1981 while it was repeated on the PBS affiliate KPTS in Wichita many years ago. I’d have to rank it high up in the Top Ten of my all-time favorites.

Note – I moved to Norman Oklahoma 3 May 2008 from home city Wichita Kansas.

This will be continued with separate postings for each following decade as soon as I can get them done – 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000’s, 2010’s to present date. 

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