Born Under a Wandering Star

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I left Norman for Reno in May 2015. By end of August 2015 I knew the deal would not last any longer there. I’d have to return to home city Wichita for some medical attention from doctors already familiar with my case – bleeding stomach ulcers. Returned to Norman in October 2015. My travels also took me to Colorado, Utah, California, and Texas. Traveling via Greyhound Bus, a song was on my mind, as I began to feel like I was “Born Under a Wandering Star” – I’d heard it used with a August 2015 TV commercial, includes another kind of homelessness…

Dog in cast – Amazon Prime TV Commercial

…That resulted in millions of Americans trying to find out the name of the singer at the end, the name of the song, and its origin. It became one of the top trending topics at Facebook, Twitter, and WordPress, as well as one of the most searched for subjects at Google Search. I found one of its uses. A bit of American history and a different kind of homelessness back then. The hashtag is used by Twitter for trending subjects…
For #MusicMonday [trending in U.S. at Twitter) Lee Marvin singing “I was born under a Wandering Star” from 1969 movie “Paint Your Wagon”…

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