Wave Goodbye to August 2016 Heat Wave in Oklahoma

Lantern Timeglass Journal

by  Jim Lantern

Thursday 11 August 2016

Wave Goodbye to August 2016 Heat Wave in Oklahoma

…At least here in Norman, Oklahoma, about a 30-minute drive south of Oklahoma City, home of Oklahoma University.

Right now at 1:00pm CT the actual temperature is 95F with a heat index (feels like) 103F, humidity 47%, wind S at 15 mph.

Forecasted low tonight 77F. High tomorrow – Friday August 12 – 93F and then low to be 73F.

T-storms in forecast from late Friday to late Saturday, will bring a cold front – here to stay – no more 90F+ this summer – or at least forecast thru August 25, bringing highs in lower 80’s and lows in upper 60’s. More chances of rain and t-storms – at least 4 days – through August 25.

I’m predicting this will be the end of this summer’s extreme heat. Further predicting a cooler and wetter than usual fall season, followed by a mild warmer and dryer than usual winter 2016-2017. More rain than usual could bring floods during the fall, along with strong winds.

OEC – Oklahoma Electric Coop – really stuck it to me yesterday, especially during the peak hours 3:00pm CT to 7:00pm CT (Monday through Friday). I use MyUsage.com website to monitor daily use – how much electricity I’m using up and what it is costing me. I prepay OEC each month, and then if it runs down to less then $10 before the next month then I prepay some more. July cost me $100 and I expected August to be the same. Without use of the air conditioner it would only be about $40 per month, so the air conditioning is costing me about $2 per day. I’m currently averaging $3 per day total, but yesterday cost me $3.45 for 27 KWh at a rate of 12.78 cents per KWh. That’s just for air conditioning my bedroom, bathroom, and the short connecting hall between them. I hung a sheet over the doorway from living room to hallway. The only vent open is in the bedroom, and the thermostat is in the hallway. I’ve turned my bedroom (of my 1-bedroom apartment) into a kind of den. My queen-size airbed, side table with lamp, Zero Gravity reclining chair, 26-inch TV on stand, 13-inch TV on shelves, my desk and chair between them – using my HP Notebook on my desk. My view to the outside is through a bay window facing south.

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