Very Important: CNN Town Hall – Libertarian Party – 8pm CT 9pm ET Wed 3 Aug 2016

Very Important: CNN Town Hall – Libertarian Party – 8pm CT 9pm ET Wed 3 Aug 2016

From CNN…

This is very important – increasingly important, considering the ongoing controversy with Clinton and Trump. Some Republicans are abandoning Trump and have stated they will vote for Clinton. I believe that to be a mistake. Why go all the way from far right to far left? Makes no sense. If they have to shift to the left, then they should only go half way. The Libertarians are similar to Centrists. With the Libertarians the Republicans at least still have the support of Libertarians for economy and government issues – reduce debt, reduce government. They only lose on personal and social issues. Further, the Libertarian candidates were previously Republican governors twice elected in blue Democrat states, so they may be perceived to be more right-leaning than left-leaning by having been Republicans, while acting in a reasonable way for support of Democrats in their states. Best of both worlds. They bridge the gap between the two parties in a way that is acceptable to most voters.

As of today, there is a reported increasing possibility Trump will leave the race, to get out before the losses become too great. Aids, staff, and his campaign manager have been reported to be frustrated with Trump. RNC might be considering a way to get another Republican candidate on the ballots – preparing for if Trump were to drop out.

The DNC hacking should cause Sanders supporters to consider supporting Johnson-Weld instead of Clinton.

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