Hastings going out of business – closing all stores everywhere – big sale – 3 August 2016

From the Hastings website and Twitter


From news sources…

Hastings closing all locations; starts goingout-of-business sales

Mount Pleasant Daily TribuneJul 25, 2016
The stores have begun goingout-of-business sales, currently offering 10-30 percent off the lowest ticketed price storewide with some limited …
All Hastings locations to close
Sedalia DemocratJul 25, 2016
Hastings prepares to close
Farmington Daily TimesJul 25, 2016
Warrensburg entertainment store is closing its doors
The Daily Star-JournalJul 25, 2016
Hastings to close all stores, liquidate inventory
Kirksville Daily Express and Daily NewsJul 25, 2016

After Failing To Find A Buyer, Texas-Based Retailer Hastings

The ConsumeristJul 22, 2016
… a plan to find a buyer for its 123 stores, Hastings Entertainment announced it will … could be closed sooner, depending on the “goingout-of-business sales the … Billboard reports that Hastings, and its parent company Draw …



Hastings has been the best store of its kind I’ve ever shopped at, and the Norman Oklahoma location close to my apartment for easy access.

Not just books. I was buying music video DVDs. I was buying or renting DVD movies. It had a wide range of merchandise. I bought movie and TV show posters there too. The bookstore also had a cafe.

This Wednesday 3 August 2016, I’d been to Walmart, then a stop at OEC to prepay electric service for my apartment this month. On thee way back I stopped in at Hastings to check for any new movies to rent. Somehow, I’d missed the Going Out of Business sign. I’d walked back to the movie racks, noticing the store had become a mess, and I began to notice all the sale signs – prices marked down. I thought they might be remodeling or rearranging again. No movies on the racks. So I asked and was told what’s happening. Huge disappointment. I’ll have to find another affordable nearby source for renting movies on DVD, as well as for purchase of other things I’d been buying there. I see now it was announced earlier in July. I’d not been over there since much earlier in July. Big sale, but store has been ransacked – not much left there now.

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