Finally, sinking – Trump’s Titanic Hits Iceberg Named Khan


At 15 Bells, Central Time, Tuesday 2 August 2016



Then – and I saw this first announced on CNN on TV…


And previously, one of several Republicans to break with GOP now, go against Trump, vote for Clinton…


Editorial Article by Jim Lantern, Lantern Timeglass Journal

3:00pm CT Tuesday 2 August 2016

Time after time, “experts” and people in the mainstream news media, as well as other politicians and candidates, have claimed Trump has crossed a line and can’t survive any longer. Then he did. It happened so often that he remarked about it – saying he could “shoot someone on Fifth Avenue” and not lose votes. Crossing such lines has resulted in him getting free news coverage in turn boosting how well he has been doing in polls.

Not this time. Finally, he has gone too far. He has dropped significantly in polls now. Actually, I thought some of the other controversies were worse than the current one involving the Khan family and Gold Star families. However, this one has angered enough influential people to perhaps make a difference. So many are now abandoning ship. Trump’s Titanic has hit an iceberg named Khan, and it is now sinking. How long will it take? Uncertain. As is, he isn’t even trying to repair his own ship to save it from sinking. He doesn’t believe it is sinking.

This isn’t the issue that caused me to abandon him. I can’t point to a specific issue that did it for me. It all just started adding up, and I’d had enough. Also, I no longer had to say better Trump than Clinton. I have a third choice not as bad as either of them – the Libertarians – Gary Johnson and William Weld. Others, who are abandoning Trump are turning to Clinton to assure Trump will lose. Turning to Johnson-Weld will not likely be enough to stop Trump, or Clinton. Even so, some Republicans are now saying better Clinton than Trump. I don’t agree. I now believe both are equally bad – equally dishonest. I refuse to vote for either of them. That leaves Johnson-Weld, even if those underdogs have little or no chance of winning.

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