Election 2016 Controversial Issue: NFL Monday Night Football vs. Presidential Debates Schedule

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern, Lantern Timeglass Journal

Monday 1 August 2016

Election 2016 Controversial Issue: NFL Monday Night Football vs. Presidential Debates Schedule 

In the news…

It is my opinion Donald Trump is wrong about Hillary Clinton rigging the debate schedule. The factual timeline prevents that from being possible. No doubt she is guilty of other misdeeds, and will engage in further misdeeds in Election 2016, but she is not guilty of rigging the debate schedule involving the Presidential Debates in which Trump is likely to participate. The schedule was decided long before Clinton and Trump became the nominated candidates. I do believe the claims by Sanders (based on exposed emails) that Clinton and the DNC rigged the primary debate in order to hurt Sanders. They had the power to do that in the primary. They have not had the power to do that for the coming debates.

Is Trump unwilling to sacrifice 2 nights of Monday Night Football to participate in debates? Likely he would rather be enjoying a good football game – attending or watching on TV. On one hand, he is a devout football fan. On the other, he does care about winning Election 2016.

The apparent real issue involves ratings. Will more viewers watch football or the debates? Will football take away viewers who might have watched the debates? So there’s another kind of sacrifice, on the part of some viewers. See my separate editorial article about the Issue of Sacrifice.

There is also the fact that these debates will be managed more professionally than the past primary debates, which fanned the flames of personal differences rather than totally focusing on issues. That will not likely be allowed to happen at the coming debates, which will focus on the major issues, managed like a real debate instead of like the previous farces. It was grossly unprofessional for Megyn Kelly to begin the first debate with a personal attack on Trump instead of presenting a major issue for the candidates to actually debate. Trump took the bate and has been chewing on such controversy ever since then, although at times making good speeches about some major issues.

Trump obviously does not fear such personal conflicts, and appears to thrive on them – boosting his ratings in polls. I do wonder if he fears a real debate focusing on the major issues, if he can handle those subjects without going into personal attacks.

Clinton has the advantage of direct experience with some of those issues in government and the political realm, so it is reasonable to debate her record.

How Trump performs against Clinton at the First Presidential Debate on Monday 26 September 2016 could help to decide the election on 8 November 2016.

I will not vote for Clinton. Trump’s behavior indicates he is not the kind of businessman I wanted to vote into the White House in place of traditional politicians, so at his time he has lost my vote. That leaves only Johnson as the least of three evils, and I do not agree with him on all issues. I do hope he gets the 15% polling requirement to get into the debates so that his position on the major issues can be presented and clarified for added contrast between Clinton and Trump.

As for the specific schedule conflict of the issue…

Some Americans, who care about both – football games and political debates – will record one while watching the other. For some Americans, both will be schedule conflicts with their other interests – including people who work nights – can’t watch either live – so they might be able to record both and watch both later when possible and convenient. It is a fact that the Ratings service also has a way of measuring those who watch live and those who watch later per recorded broadcast. So doing it that way is not a total loss for one of the two choices – football or debate.

My means of solving such schedule conflicts is to watch my primary interest on my 26-inch TV, while monitoring (usually with sound muted) a second interest on my 13-inch TV placed near my 26-inch TV and my desk where I have my HP Notebook for Internet access. I usually use the 13-inch to monitor news, weather, or sports. I turn up the sound if there is something I want to hear in addition to seeing. I can also switch between the two during commercials. I’ll probably monitor the football game on the 13-inch TV, while watching the debate on my 26-inch TV.

I do care more about the debate than the football game. The political debate could determine the fate of our country. The football game is just a game – just entertainment – having no real impact on the country and the world.

Because of Trump’s behavior on this issue, I have to wonder if he has his priorities in order, and which one is more important to him. He didn’t complain about ratings when his show The Apprentice was on TV – what it was up against on other networks same night and time. He didn’t demand a schedule change. Trump got angry and skipped one of the primary debates – but I happen to believe it was the right decision because he was being mistreated by FNC (Fox News) and others of the mainstream news media. They were more unprofessional than he was. There are some people who believe Trump is now looking for any excuse to get out of the Presidential Debates, and that he might use the schedule conflict as a reason. If he does, it will be a mistake – he will lose the race. He will assure a Clinton victory, which would under any circumstances be unacceptable. However, if Trump is a no-show, and Gary Johnson is allowed to participate, then he could push Trump down to third place – and he might even have a chance (however slim) of beating Clinton in the debate. Like many others, I wish it were Weld for President and Johnson for Vice President instead of Johnson for President and Weld for Vice President, because Weld is the stronger of the two – and I do believe he could beat Clinton – Johnson I’m not as confident about.

Of course, there will be reviews of both events – football game and debate – via mainstream news media and Internet the next day.

By the way, the next Libertarian Town Hall with Gary Johnson and William Weld on CNN is set for this coming Wednesday 3 August 2016 at 9:00pm ET 8:00pm CT…

CNN to host town hall with Libertarian ticket – CNN- Aug. 1, 2016 – Gary Johnson and William Weld, on Wednesday in New York City.


…CNN has so far done more for the Libertarian candidates than any others of the mainstream news media. Makes me wonder if CNN now supports them, or simply wants to help level the playing field and give them a fair chance to win. I also get the impression CNN has become frustrated and irritated with Clinton and Trump. In the past, CNN has shifted far left more than far right, but for most of its history was basically centrist. In the past, CNN reported the news stories instead of becoming part of the news stories or unfairly influencing them. Also, for a few months, MSNBC, usually far left, was kinder to Trump than FNC (Fox News) was – usually far right. FNC got caught up in the ongoing division within the GOP caused by Ted Cruz when he was elected Senator and began to divide the party as a far right Conservative against traditional Republicans who he did not believe to be conservative enough. FNC was opposed to Trump, but has tried to support him since the nomination. It appears CNN is leading the attack against Trump, more so than MSNBC still trying to be fair about it, while FNC has become lost in the Twilight Zone and wanting to support any Republican or any real Conservative willing to stop Trump but finding none. However, some mainstream Republicans like Mitt Romney might support Gary Johnson as being preferred even by them over Trump, and that is what I believe CNN is trying to help push for. Jill Stein, Green Party presidential candidate, might ask all of her supporters to vote for Johnson for a better chance of beating Clinton and Trump.

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