Now that DNC has ended, it’s Game On for Election 2016 all-out Nuclear War

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern, Lantern Timeglass Journal

Friday 29 July 2016

Now that DNC has ended, it’s Game On for Election 2016 all-out Nuclear War 

If you believe the language has been rough so far in Election 2016  – on the side of the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump vs. Clinton, and on the side of the Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton vs. Trump – then all of that is insignificant compared to what’s coming now. It’s about to become like Alien vs. Predator with Clinton as the drooling Queen Mother Alien, and trump as one of the Predator warrior aliens.

Republican National Convention ended last week. Democratic National Convention ended last night. Now it’s Game On for all-out nuclear war between the Democrats and Republicans. Also between Liberals – or those who appear or claim to be, and Conservatives – or those who appear or claim to be. In the world of politics, not everyone is what they appear to be.

A week ago Donald Trump was nominated and accepted Republican Party nomination to be the Republican candidate for President. Last night Hillary Clinton made history to be the first woman to be nominated and accepted Democratic Party nomination to be the Democratic candidate for President – first woman of any major party to go that far. Although the Democratic Party and Republican Party have been considered to be the only two “major” political parties here in the United States, Wikipedia has shifted three “minor” political parties into the “major” classification – Libertarian Party, Green Party, and the Constitution Party.

This election, the Constitution Party is not on the radar. Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate for President, hopes to climb above the 5% (best so far) in polls to get the needed 15% to be allowed to participate in the Presidential Debates on TV. She is trying to gain support from unhappy supporters of Bernie Sanders, who have refused to support Clinton. Very few of them are going over to Trump. Not many going over to the Libertarian side. Gary Johnson, Libertarian candidate for President, hopes to climb above the 10% (average in polls) to get the needed 15% to participate in Presidential debates. If Johnson and Stein can’t get into the debates, then they will have little or no chance of winning Election 2016. Even if they do get in, the prediction is that the most either of them would get would be about 20% of the popular vote on Tuesday 8 November 2016. As is, Clinton and Trump have been tied or otherwise fluctuating – one briefly ahead of the other and then the reverse.

So far, Johnson and Stein have avoided the extreme hostilities between Clinton and Trump. Also, they are not attacking each other. They are mainly staying focused on the issues, rather than personal differences and past personal history. Clinton and Trump or so over-focused on each other with personal attacks that they barely notice Johnson and Stein. Clinton has done more to address major political issues than Trump has, and both of them have been vague on solutions – but Trump more vague than Clinton for lack of government and political experience. Considering her experience alone, not record, Clinton could easily mop the floor with Trump at the Presidential debates. He might score more for personal attacks, but she should win the debates if she sticks to solutions for the real issues. If Clinton wins the Presidential debates, then she will likely win the popular vote on Tuesday 8 November 2016.

Will Hillary Clinton’s first term be like a Barack Obama third term, as claimed by some Republicans? I doubt it. My opinion is her leanings will be more toward Bill Clinton to be like a Bill Clinton third term. However, she also has her own way, based on beliefs as far back as her college days, slightly different from Bill Clinton. She has had leanings more extreme than Bernie Sanders for Socialism, but more like the kind of government presented in the “1984” novel by George Orwell. Hillary Clinton is more of a Statist (Totalitarian) than a Progressive Liberal Democrat, except that she has possibly mellowed some along those lines during the past 4 years since being Secretary of State. Odds are against it, but Hillary Clinton could surprise everyone by turning out to be a fairly good President. Likewise, but less likely, Trump could surprise everyone by turning out to be a fairly good President.

They say anything to get in that chair behind the desk in the oval office of the White House. Then when a candidate wins and actually sits in that chair as President, it changes the person – for better or worse. One of the causes of change is the impact of being informed about subjects they previously thought they were well informed on by the government, and then find out there’s much more to it. By 1 August 2016, both candidates – Clinton and Trump, will begin getting National Security Briefs to help prepare the winner for the actual transition from candidate to President, and the transfer from Obama to the winner. I don’t know if or when Johnson and Stein will start to get the same treatment, but I’d guess if either of them get into the Presidential debates then the National Security Briefs will begin – that’s been the speculation of “experts” noted in some news stories.

An ongoing concern, because of Trump’s past relationship with Bill and Hillary Clinton, Trump could be a kind of Trojan Horse, sent by Clinton to destroy the Republican Party to assure her victory. In that case, I’d compare him to Darth Vader and her to the Emperor in Star Wars.

Another ongoing concern, based on remarks by Trump on various issues, I believe Trump will declare Martial Law on 20 January 2017 if he is elected President, and will then also begin his own kind of dictatorship. Trump has no real understanding of the U.S. Constitution, or of democracy and representative government. His business world is a dictatorship. I believe his admiration for dictators of other countries around the world is genuine. Therefore, it is my opinion Trump would be a worse dictator than Clinton would be under her version of an Orwellian kind of totalitarian government.

I now strongly believe Robert A. Heinlein’s long ago prediction will come true – no more elections after 2016. The President elected in 2016 will become dictator.

One kind will be better for the upper class rich people, and the other kind will be better for the lower class poor people. Further, I believe a Clinton win will be a march toward a one-world government with control by a one-world currency, as those who control the flow of money will control the world. That sounds like something Trump would be good at, but I believe a Trump win will be a step toward the ultimate final world war with some use of nuclear weapons. Clinton, even as a dictator, will reach out in a diplomatic way toward other countries, while Trump as a dictator will seek to conquer or destroy other countries.

If Clinton wins, then I do believe she will continue something Obama started with granting contracts to Experian involving security of government agencies, and the military (including our nuclear weapons). That includes control of security for Social Security and Health Care dot gov, with access to all of our personal records, as well as the IRS. Experian now approves or rejects clearance for all who seek access to the most Top Secret classified documents and information of the government and military. Experian is no longer just a credit reporting agency. It now handles the security of our national security with access to everything and approving or rejecting all who seek access. Meantime, Experian – headquartered in Ireland, with world offices in London and in California, has built a super-computer in Texas – bigger than the NSA super-computer in Utah, to control the flow of money worldwide by creating a one-world electronic currency. It becomes law – cash transactions banned, so without it and approval to use it you can’t buy food and water. While Obama has been using Experian to reach some of his goals, Experian (and Ireland) has been using Obama to reach its goals. Experian intends to control the next U.S. President. Experian is becoming the ultimate Puppet Master of all Presidents worldwide.

I believe there will no freedom under Trump, minimal freedom under Clinton, some freedom under Stein, and total freedom under Johnson. Therefore, I’m leaning in favor of Johnson, even if he has little or no chance of winning.

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