Trump wants to stop Art Of The Deal ghostwriter Tony Schwartz from haunting him. Call Ghostbusters!

Editorial Article by Jim Lantern, Lantern Timeglass Journal

Thursday 28 July 2016

More Trump controversy. Are you shocked? What else would there be?

Yesterday, Trump had what I’d refer to as his best news conference so far. For the first time he appeared and sounded to be more mature and presidential, instead of engaging in his usual childish rants with insults against nearly everyone who crosses his path. Except enemies of the United States. He likes them. Such as Putin of Russia, which trended at Twitter much of yesterday after the news conference. He wanted Russian hackers to obtain the missing Hillary Clinton emails and reveal the contents, such as previously done with DNC emails via Wikileaks.

While I still like much of what Trump says – agreeing to what he says he will do, I no longer trust him – I no longer believe he will honor any of his promises – I no longer believe most of what he says. Like a professional scam artist, he is telling people what they want to hear in order to gain their support. I believe Trump is a presidential candidate for his own interests – to benefit his business empire and his family, not for the good of the country and its people. So I can’t vote for Trump. I will not vote for Hillary Clinton. That leaves only the Libertarians Johnson-Weld to vote for, but I’m having increasing concerns about their positions on some issues. Therefore, Election 2016 is beginning to look like a Dead End for our country. A kind of Zombie Apocalypse is upon us – whoever wins is likely to turn America into a Walking Dead dictatorship dystopian wasteland.

Today, Tony Schwartz started trending at Twitter during the hour after he was interviewed on CNN about his revelations.

Trump is suing him for royalties and for not remaining silent.

Trump can’t handle any kind criticism and has childish temper tantrums as result. Trump can’t handle the truth. He acts like a typical Internet troll at Twitter.

1 Internet Troll

Excerpts from updated 28 July 2016 Wikipedia article for this new and developing story…

  • Trump: The Art of the Deal is a 1987 book credited to businessman Donald Trump and journalist Tony Schwartz. Part memoir and part business-advice book, it reached #1 on the New York Times Best Seller list and held a position on the list for 51 weeks. It was the first book published by Trump and helped to make him a “household name”.
  • The book received additional attention during Trump’s 2016 campaign for the presidency of the United States. He cited it as one of his proudest accomplishments, and his second-favorite book (after the Bible). Schwartz, citing regrets about it, asserted that Trump had played no role in the actual writing of it; Trump has given conflicting accounts on the question of authorship.
  • Trump was persuaded to produce the book by Condé Nast owner Si Newhouse after the May 1984 issue of Newhouse’s magazine GQ – with Trump appearing on the cover – sold well. Schwartz was hired to work on the book, and began working with Trump in late 1985. He interviewed Trump and – with permission from him – listened in on his phone calls.
  • According to Schwartz in July 2016, Trump wrote none of the book, choosing only to remove a few critical mentions of business colleagues at the end of the process. Trump responded with conflicting stories, saying “I had a lot of choice of who to have write the book, and I chose [Schwartz]”, but then said “[Schwartz] didn’t write the book. I wrote the book.” Former Random House head Howard Kaminsky, the book’s original publisher, said “Trump didn’t write a postcard for us!” The book was published in November 1987 by Random House, with Trump and Schwartz credited as co-authors.
  • Schwartz was the subject of a July 2016 article in The New Yorker in which he describes Donald Trump highly unfavorably, and how he came to regret writing The Art of the Deal. Schwartz repeated his self-criticism on Good Morning America, saying he had “put lipstick on a pig”. In response to these claims, Trump’s attorneys have demanded that Schwarz cede all his royalties from the book to Trump.

If Trump is concerned about a past coauthor, or being haunted by a past ghostwriter as many in the mainstream news media are referring to Schwartz, then maybe he should call Ghostbusters!

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