Special Interest: Science of Time Travel – Participate in Comments under posting via this link

At Twitter as Jim Lantern @TimeglassZone

Special Interest: #Science of #TimeTravel – Twitter Hashtags.

This posting is about the science of time travel rather than just time travel in science fiction – such as covered by Dr. Michio Kaku in his “Big Think” videos at YouTube. For example…

I’ve created a separate posting for time travel in science fiction movies and novels.

There will be a separate posting for considering alternate history and time paradoxes as the result of time travel. Also a separate posting for alternate history in fiction not associated with time travel, but rather the “what if” scenarios – such as a key figure in history making a different decision or being killed off or saved from death.

I’m seeking others like me who share this interest in science of time travel. People interested in this subject may use Comments under this Special Interest posting to participate like a short forum.

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