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If I recall correctly, I first became interested in this kind of music on 5 March 2012 after I bought my first Chrome Notebook (having finally given up on PCs), which was my 56th birthday (born in 1956). I also bought a new 3-speaker sound system – for the more bass than treble that I like – for watching music videos via the Chrome Notebook. It finally bit the dust and now I’m presently using an HP Notebook. Anyway, as I was spending a day exploring music videos at YouTube, I somehow happened upon the following music video. It has since then been my Number One Favorite Music Video of All Time. Celtic Woman performing Orinoco Flow (aka the Sail Away song) live at Slane Castle. Ultimately, with just a song and dance, Ireland will rule the world…

…I like the drummer performance in the above video too! Also, a very special mention…

Read the Wikipedia article about Celtic Woman.

Read the Wikipedia article about Celtic Music.

I then discovered I do like other kinds of Irish music. What I especially like are lively music videos in which the music is presented and well performed. For example, I became a fan of the Riverdance music videos.

Read the Wikipedia articles about Riverdance, and Irish Stepdance and Irish Dance. Special mention: The following video is just over 2 minutes, but 3 would have melted the screen of my HP Notebook…

More recently, I happened to find the Gothard Sisters at YouTube, and nearly fell out of my chair after my jaw fell off. Proof there is a God and the angels are real…

…That particular song does remind me of when I first became aware of that kind of music, although not interested in it until 5 March 2012. It was on “May Day” 1 May 1989 at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival at Waxahachie Texas (just south of Dallas). A lot of that kind of music, as well as other kinds of music, there. I became interested in Medieval Fairs and Renaissance Festivals after that first one I attended. So convincing were the people working there with their acting and costumes of the times, and with the overall setting, it felt like I had traveled back into time! The only betrayals were coke cups and paying with dollars.

Read about the Gothard Sisters in the Wikipedia article.

Well of course I find the female performers most attractive, but this does not mean I dislike men performing Celtic Music.

Am I Irish? No. And “Jim Lantern” is my legal “pen name” for the Internet (a kind of avatar for the image I use). My true family name is no secret – Harwood – originated in ancient Briton at a place known as Hare’s Wood. My paternal grandfather John, who was in the oil business, came from England, as did my maternal grandmother of the Tennis family. My maternal grandfather Charles came from France as DePugh then changed the family name to Pugh. He was an astronomer and English professor – so I guess I got my interest in astronomy and writing from him. My paternal grandmother Lucy of the Jankus family came from Lithuania. Jankus is pronounced Yan-cus, and translates to mean Son of John. They all landed in New Orleans at different times, traveled to St. Louis, then Kansas City, finally to Wichita where my father Richard met my mother Letha. His brothers and sister spread out in Kansas and down into Oklahoma. My sister eventually moved to North Harrow near London. I’ve only been out of the United States one time, just for a day of shopping across the border into Matamoros Mexico.

I’m seeking others like me who share this interest in Celtic Music, as well as similar Irish Music and Irish Dance. People interested in this subject may use Comments under this Special Interest posting to participate like a short forum. Anyone who is an artist of this music may self-promote in Comments (I’ll not count it as spam), but limit 2 links per Comment to your material or website – no limit on number of Comments you can make here. Others may likewise post links in Comments to favorite music or music videos of this kind. Likewise, participate at the Twitter Hashtag for this subject.

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