Special Interest: Alternate History in Fiction – Participate in Comments under posting via this link

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Special Interest: #AlternateHistory in #Fiction – Twitter Hashtags.

This posting is NOT about alternate history via time travel and time paradoxes considered by science and presented in science fiction movies, novels, and TV shows. I’ve created a separate posting for those.

There is also a separate posting for the science of time travel – such as covered by Dr. Michio Kaku in his “Big Think” videos at YouTube.

Further, I’ve created a separate posting for time travel in science fiction movies, novels, and TV shows.

THIS posting is for the “what if” scenarios presented in fiction – not necessarily science fiction – of movies, novels, and TV shows. Such as a key figure in history making a different decision or being killed off or saved from death, which changes history as we know it. A few specific examples…

  • What if the JFK assassination failed? What would the world be like today?
  • What if the failed attempted assassination of Hitler by his own people had been successful? Or what if Germany had won the war, as well as Japan, beating the United States? What would a world divided and controlled by Japan and Germany be like today?
  • What if the British beat George Washington, captured and executed him, and then won the war? Would there be a British America today, and if so what would it be like?
  • What if an asteroid had not hit Earth 65 million years ago to kill off the dinosaurs? What would Earth be like today? Would we humans be here, living on a planet that includes dinosaurs?
  • What if President Nixon were elected to a third term? Perhaps…

I first became aware of alternate history stories in fiction, apart from basic science fiction, about the same time there existed Timescape Books, although the titles under those covers were listed as science fiction.

See Wikipedia for List of Alternate History Fiction.

Read Wikipedia article about Alternate History.

I’m seeking others like me who share this interest of alternate history in fiction. People interested in this subject may use Comments under this Special Interest posting to participate like a short forum.

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