Special Interest: Centrists Politics, Centrist, Politics – Participate in Comments under posting via this link

At Twitter as Jim Lantern @TimeglassZone

Special Interest: #Centrists #Politics #CentristPolitics– Twitter Hashtags.

I average out to be a Centrist in U.S. politics by agreeing with Liberals and Democrats on some issues – mostly personal and social, while agreeing with Conservatives and Republicans on some issues – mostly economic and government. This is similar to Libertarians, but not as far Left and not as far Right as most of them are on the political spectrum. For example, I’d not reduce the federal government as much as most Libertarians would, but I do favor government cuts, especially to help reduce the National Debt.

I’m seeking other Centrists like me here in the U.S. who share related interests. Other Centrists here in the U.S. may use Comments under this Special Interest posting to participate like a short forum.

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