If Donald Trump had been born during the historic time of “Hell On Wheels” might he have been like the real Thomas Durant?

Editorial Article – Fiction and True History in Entertainment – the real Thomas C. Durant and the fictional character on the AMC TV series “Hell On Wheels”

by Jim Lantern, Lantern Timeglass Journal

Saturday 23 July 2016

If Donald Trump had been born during the historic time of “Hell On Wheels” might he have been like the real Thomas Durant?

This Saturday afternoon I’ve been watching the marathon of the final season of Hell On Wheels on AMC TV. The series final is tonight. Hell On Wheels is one of my Top 10 favorite TV shows of all time. It ends tonight. It will be missed.

As I’ve been watching, with some present history in mind, I realized the character Thomas Durant – played by actor Colm Meaney, as a businessman and investor in the First Transcontinental Railroad, based on the real life person, is in some ways similar to Donald Trump – not just regarding business but also personality – although they certainly don’t look the same.

Thomas C. Durant – Wikipedia Article for the real life historical person.

Hell On Wheels – Wikipedia Article

Hell On Wheels Season 5 – Wikipedia Article

From TV Guide for Saturday 23 July 2016…

Hell on Wheels

Done 8:00 PM (Central Time) on AMC, 1 hour 5 minutes, 2016 – TV-14

“In the series finale, the golden spike, government hearings and unpredictable actions mean new beginnings and endings for the survivors.”

The actors, characters, stories, and series . . . will be missed.

Raises the question: What amazing TV series will AMC come up with next? I’ll be looking forward to it.

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