CNN Breaking News via Eye Witness: Children gunned down in a Munich Germany McDonalds restaurant and a Mall, 6 dead by Islamic terrorist shouting “Allahu Akbar!” [Updated]

Special Report

3:00pm CT Friday 22 July 2016

CNN Breaking News via Eye Witness: Children gunned down in a Munich Germany McDonalds restaurant and a Mall, 6 dead by Islamic terrorist shouting “Allahu Akbar!”

Three gunmen reported, shot victims and escaped – not yet caught. Attacked McDonalds first then the mall.

Check your news sources for updates.

Witness: Mother’s 8-year-old son went into McDonalds restroom. One of the gunmen was in restroom loading his handgun. Child came out, told his mother. Gunman came out, didn’t see mother and child, walked past them, shot children in McDonalds, shouted “Allahu Akbar!” then went outside, joined other gunmen – two of them – three total -then shot people in the street, and then walked across to a mall entrance, began shooting people in there. The witness, mother of the child, said she is Muslim. At least 6 dead. How many total wounded not yet reported. Gunmen escaped or otherwise not yet caught. Munich police hunting them, telling citizens to stay inside – shelter in place. Witnesses from both locations reported gunmen targeting children.

3:30pm CT – CNN live on TV update from German police – 8 confirmed dead.

3:40pm CT – Fox/Sky News live on TV update from German police – 9 bodies found, 8 dead, one of the 9 might be one of the 3 shooters. German police reporting other locations in Munich are under attack or have been attacked. Video shown on Fox/Sky News of one of the shooters coming out of McDonalds and shooting people outside the restaurant.

3:45pm CT – Fox News went to commercial, CNN back to coverage of Trump, and now MSNBC is covering it – German police reporting it appears to be a terror attack – began at 6:00pm Munich time at the McDonalds restaurant and then spread to other locations. Three shooters, one of them might be dead. All highways, subways, railways in and around Munich German have been shut down by police. They are now trying to determine if it was actually just one gunman moving so fast from location to location to have been mistaken for 3 gunmen.

3:50pm CT – MSNBC live on TV reporting witnesses heard one of the gunmen remarking about “Fucking Turks!” He referred to himself as a German with a grudge against Turkey. Recently, the military in Turkey tried to take over the country and failed.

World Clock for Munich Germany

4:00pm CT – MSNBC – Witness: “One of three terrorists killed himself as police closed in on him.”

Video shows one of the gunmen outside McDonalds using a handgun to shoot people, Other witnesses report the other shooters had long guns. Munich continues to be on lockdown. German special military forces en route to Munich. Another witness reporting one of the gunmen made remarks indicating he is upset about the immigration issue – about the refugees issue.

4:30pm CT – CNN – U.S. State Department telling Americans in Munich to shelter in place.

6:30pm CT – Fox News – 9 dead, 10 wounded.

7:45pm CT – CNN and Fox News – 10 dead including gunman, 21 wounded. German police have determined it was only one shooter, not three, and the shooter killed himself. The gunman reported to have recently been treated for mental illness, and was upset about immigration and refugees issues. Gunman had German and Iranian citizenship, 18 years old.

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