Countdown to Presidential Debates + Candidates On The Issues

Editorial Article and Special Report

by Jim Lantern, Lantern Timeglass Journal

Thursday 21 July 2016

The Republican National Convention concludes tonight – with Trump accepting the nomination and making the speech of his life.

Countdown to Presidential Debates + Candidates On The Issues

At the time of this posting, about 67 days until the first Presidential Debate, about 75 days until the Vice Presidential Debate, about 110 days until Election Day Tuesday 8 November 2016, about 183 days until Inauguration Day – Friday 20 January 2017. See the Countdown Until Obama Leaves Office.

From Twitter…

has until Monday 26 Sept 2016 to get 15% in polls for First Presidential Debate, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY. Now at 13%.

 Tuesday 4 Oct 2016 – Vice Presidential Debate, Longwood University, Farmville, VA.

It is surprising (to me) how much CNN has been helping the Johnson-Weld Libertarian candidates get more exposure so that they might reach the required 15% in polls to be allowed to participate in the debates. I believe there is a good chance they will reach it and be allowed to participate.

I believe a 3-way debate is needed. I wish it were more. Perhaps at least 5. Wikipedia lists the Major Political Parties – of which there are 5: Democratic Party, Republican Party, Libertarian Party, Green Party, and the Constitution Party. I’d also like to see candidates from the following Minor Political Parties participate in the debates: Modern Whig Party and the Reform Party. As is, aside from the debates, there will only be candidates from 3 political parties on the ballots in all states: Democratic Party, Republican Party, and the Libertarian Party.

Compared to the Liberal Democratic Party, and the Conservative Republican Party, the Libertarian Party is half Liberal and Half Conservative – being Liberal on Social and Personal Issues, Conservative on Government and Economic Issues. Similar to some Centrists – like me, but I’m not as far left or far right as most Libertarians are.

At the time and date of this posting, Hillary Clinton has not yet picked her Vice President running mate, but might do so and announce it sometime on Friday 22 July 2016 – in time for the Democratic National Convention, Monday July 25 to Thursday July 28. Meantime, visit the Hillary Clinton website to read about her position on issues. Or visit the On The Issues website for Clinton.

Read about Trump’s position on issues at the Trump website. Or visit the On The Issues website for Trump. Mike Pence, former governor of Indiana, is Donald Trump’s Vice President running mate. Trump has been shifting his position on some issues. Trump and Pence continue to be in disagreement on some issues. Pence gave a good speech at the Republican National Convention, Wednesday night July 20, which might help gain support for Trump. Even so, Trump is not likely to ever accept any advice from Pence. Trump gets most advice he accepts from his family. Read about Mike Pence at Wikipedia.

Read about Gary Johnson’s position on issues at the Johnson-Weld website. Or visit the On The Issues website for Johnson. Gary Johnson is the Libertarian candidate for President. William Weld is the Libertarian candidate for Vice President. Read about Gary Johnson at Wikipedia. Read about William Weld at Wikipedia. I believe current or former Governors of states make the best Presidents. Both are former Republican Governors twice elected in Blue Democrat states – Johnson from New Mexico and Weld from Massachusetts. Of the two, I believe Weld is the stronger candidate. Some Libertarians believe it would be better if Weld were the Presidential candidate and Johnson the Vice Presidential candidate, which was revealed by CNN during interviews. I agree, but such a switch isn’t going to happen. Also from interviews, it is clear they are not completely in agreement on all issues. It may be described that for some issues they are in agreement on, Johnson is more extreme than Weld, or Weld is more extreme than Johnson.

I will agree with Clinton on only a few issues. I expected to agree with Trump on most issues, but because he has been shifting position on some issues I believe he can no longer be trusted to do what he claims he will do for each issue. I do in fact disagree with Johnson on a few issues, while having less disagreement with Weld.

There are several reasons why there is no chance I’d ever vote for Hillary Clinton, including the Benghazi and email controversies. There are several reasons why I’ll no longer vote for Donald Trump, especially his lack of honesty to deny everything and his unwillingness to admit to any mistakes as his modus operandi. Also, apparently he’d rather insult most people who he crosses paths with than to talk about the issues. It is shocking he is unfamiliar with the U.S. Constitution – did not know how many Articles it has. I was in favor of putting a businessman in the White House instead of another lying politician, but Trump is not the kind of businessman I had in mind and has become worse then lying politicians – but not as bad as Hillary Clinton. Trump wants to “Make America Great Again.” I say “Make America Honest Again” and “greatness” will follow. No more lying politicians or other people in government not telling the truth to Americans. By process of elimination, to vote for the least of three evils – rather than the usual lesser of two evils, I’m left with Johnson-Weld to vote for. Even so, in their favor, I do not believe they have a history of lying – at least no on the same massive scale as Clinton and not as bad as Trump. So a vote for Johnson-Weld is a vote for the truth. “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” – George Orwell.

I might start keeping a kind of score card and record between now and Election Day for each candidate’s position on the top issues – to note which candidate I agree with – or if Ii don’t agree with any of them on an issue to note my own position on an issue.

I do seriously have increasing concerns about the increasing possibility that violence here in the United States, caused by Americans or foreign terrorists, could disrupt the election, to in turn cause President Obama to declare Martial Law and to suspend the Constitution in order to cancel or delay the election. This does not mean he would then become Dictator, but someone else by other means could assume the position on 20 January 2017. There is another possibility, which is that a major natural disaster – exceeding the damage Katrina did – could disrupt and delay Election 2016.

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