Norman OK 4:30pm CT Wed 20 July 2016 – 95F, heat index 103F

Norman OK 4:30pm CT Wed 20 July 2016 – 95F, heat index 103F (what it feels like)

Wind SSE at 13, Humidity 47% (below 50% is more comfortable during heat waves), Pressure 30.13 in – falling, UV is 7 of 10, and the Bear-O-Meter shows majority of bears staying inside their air conditioned caves.

Friday July 22 actual to be 100F+.

Next chance of rain (in 10-Day Forecast) presently is Monday July 25 PM Thunderstorms 60%, Tuesday July 26 AN Thunderstorms 60%, Wednesday July 27 Scattered Thunderstorms 50%.

The two cats are inside drinking lots of water when not sleeping. Had some cold tuna.

I’ve been having hot meals early mornings, cold meals lunch and dinner. Been a long time since I had a simple cold bologna sandwich. Was good, with chips and Dr Pepper + crushed ice for dinner. Might have another.

I turned the bedroom of my 1-bedroom apartment into a kind of den. Hallway T links bedroom to bathroom and living room. I hung a sheet over the opening into living room. Closed all vents except bedroom and bathroom. The thermostat is in the hallway between bedroom and bathroom. Holding bedroom, hallway, and bathroom at 80F with air conditioner. Dining room window by kitchen is partly open a few inches so cats are free to come and go when they want to. All windows face south but second level roof prevents direct sunlight during summer. Not too hot in rest of apartment – about 88F now. I try to avoid air conditioner use 3pm-7pm peak hours (- only Mon-Fri when OEC rate is very high – can double 24-hours cost from about $2 to just under $4. Weekends – all of Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays are a lower then usual rate so 24 hours is about $1.50 for me. I prepay the electric. I prepaid $100 for July, and it looks like I’ll barely stay within that with 1 to 3 days left over.

So, the bedroom as a kind of “den” now. The airbed queen-size mattress with built-in pump I got from Aldi grocery store for about $40 – was $60 at Walmart. I put my “Zero Gravity” recliner chair in there. A couple of small end tables – one for bed and one for recliner chair. Bookshelves. Desk. My new black leather office desk arm chair, adjustable height, swivels and can lean back. HP Notebook. 26-inch TV for primary interest. 13-inch TV for monitoring news, weather, sports, and other interests usually with sound muted. A fan for when the AC is off. Also an AM/FM and CD player with separate stereo speakers. I added a 3-speaker sound system to the HP Notebook for more bass than treble. I have a DVD player hooked to the 26-inch TV for movies or music I rent or buy at Hastings book store.

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