Next Big Breaking News Story: Police Officers Gunned Down in Baton Rouge Louisiana – Sunday 17 July 2016

In my previous posting I began a poll for predicting the subject of the next big breaking news story that would get continuous live coverage (few or no commercials) on all three – CNN, FNC (Fox News), and MSNBC…

Predictions: The Next Big Breaking News Story with Continuous Coverage

…I didn’t have to wait even 24 hours since posting it to find out the subject of the next big breaking news story. It is as if significant bad news has become relentless, bombarding viewers like a series of tornadoes. It’s just a matter of time until there are several major news stories breaking at the same time – each so significant as to command nonstop live coverage attention by mainstream news media. How will they be able to cover so many different events at the same time?

Now this…

…That link to CNN includes videos being updated and a link to live coverage for…

Baton Rouge shooting: 3 officers killed, hunt on for shooters

…Three officers killed, 3 wounded – 1 of which could die, 1 shooter dead, 2 additional suspected shooters and other participants being hunted.

Breaking News – 12:50pm CT – Sunday 17 July 2016

This is an ongoing live event with initial information likely to change. The Louisiana governor is expected to hold a news conference within the next few hours.

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