Predictions: The Next Big Breaking News Story with Continuous Coverage

An Invitation to Readers for Predictions Participation!

Written late afternoon and posted early evening Saturday 16 July 2016

Predictions: The Next Big Breaking News Story with Continuous Coverage

And as an Editorial Article by Jim Lantern, Lantern Timeglass Journal

Readers may participate in Comments under this posting – I’ve relaxed most of the past restrictions. Readers may also participate in the Polldaddy Poll I’ll create for this and install in this posting. The poll will present a limited number of answers, including “I don’t know” and “Another answer not listed here.” For your own answer, if not found in the poll, then posting to Comments might be best. You may also expand on this, create your own posting about this subject at your own WordPress site, and then post a link to it in Comments here. Other options for posting your answer include informing me your answer via Facebook, Twitter, or to my jimlantern1956 at gmail dot com address. The poll will not have an expiration date, because it is not just for today or tomorrow or next week or next month – but I doubt it will be that long. The next big breaking news story is always just around the corner. Further, the next after the next – so if you miss predicting the next one then try to predict the one after that.

What qualifies to be a Big Breaking News Story: CNN, FNC (Fox News), and MSNBC – all three – go to Live Continuous Coverage with no commercial interruptions or very few. For readers living in other countries with different 24/7 news sources, then simply base it on those sources and what you predict to be the next Big Breaking News Story with Continuous Coverage from your perspective in your country. So this is not limited to readers here in the United States, although it is for convenience limited to use of English – another language may be your primary language but participation in English here is required – I don’t want to have to use Google Translate for this. I’m keeping poll answers as general as possible so that this may be worldwide, but for the exception of “Event Related to U.S. Election 2016” for one of the possible answers. Keep in mind, CNN, FNC, and MSNBC will be covering the Republican National Convention July 18-21, and then the Democratic National Convention July 25-28, eventually followed by the Presidential Debates and then coverage of the election on Tuesday 8 November 2016. What I’m looking for is an event so big it will cause CNN, FNC, and MSNBC to break away from coverage of Clinton and Trump to go into live continuous coverage of a bigger event.

I was watching live continuous coverage of the terrorist attack in Nice, France. As I was doing so, I wondered, “What will be the next big breaking news story that will cause them to go to live continuous coverage?” I got my answer just a few minutes after wondering about that. It was the attempted military coup in Turkey. So, now, again, I wonder, what will be the next big breaking news story -n event so big it will cause them to go into live continuous coverage?

The actual poll follows this list of 32 possible answers I’ll include in the poll for “Your Prediction: Which subject is likely to be the next big news story causing continuous live coverage on 24/7 TV mainstream news sources like CNN?”

  1. Crime Related Event
  2. Terrorist Attack (Foreign or Domestic)
  3. War Related Event
  4. Government Related Event
  5. Political Related Event
  6. Event Related to U.S. Election 2016
  7. Air Travel Disaster (jet crashing whatever cause or missing)
  8. Travel Related Disaster other than Air Travel
  9. Weather Related Disaster (hurricanes or floods or tornadoes or other)
  10. Climate or Environment Related Event (other than normal weather disasters)
  11. Pollution Disaster (air, water, land – oil spill for example)
  12. Wild Fire (natural disaster or caused by humans)
  13. Earthquake
  14. Natural Disaster (other than those listed)
  15. Human Caused Disaster (other than those listed)
  16. Infrastructure Related Disaster (bridge or building collapse, gas line explosion, etc)
  17. Sports Related Event
  18. Entertainment Related Event
  19. Celebrity Related Event
  20. Alien Invasion from another planet (or from elsewhere)
  21. NASA making a Major Discovery (such as proof of life elsewhere)
  22. Space Science Related Event (such as a discovery about the Moon or Mars or Jupiter)
  23. Science or Technology Related Event
  24. Religion Related Event (such as return of Jesus for example)
  25. Business or Financial (Money) Related Event or Disaster
  26. Health Disaster Event
  27. Biological Disaster Event
  28. Chemical Disaster Event
  29. Nuclear Disaster Event (nuclear reactor meltdown)
  30. End of the World (killer asteroid headed toward Earth)
  31. I don’t know, not sure, can’t guess
  32. Another answer not included in this poll


Thanks for participating in this poll! I’m also looking forward to your answers in Comments under this posting, or contacting me via Facebook or Twitter or gmail.

What is my answer? I’m torn between a terrorist attack (or major hate crime taking lives), or a weather disaster taking many lives. I believe significant amount of loss of life is likely to command the mainstream news media, whatever the cause – such as a jet crashing and killing hundreds. My bet – I believe the current odds favor another major terrorist attack – here in U.S. (domestic) or in another country (foreign) – and I give it 30% chance in U.S. and 70% chance in another country. So I picked “Terrorist Attack (Foreign or Domestic)” in the poll.

Otherwise the Breaking News is that the news itself is broken…

JibJab’s “What We Call the News” short video is as timely today as it was when first created!

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