Regarding Nice France terrorist attack, Hillary Clinton sounds capable of being President and Commander-in-Chief

Editorial Article and Special Report

by Jim Lantern, Lantern Timeglass Journal

9:00pm CT Thursday 14 July 2016

Regarding Nice France terrorist attack, Hillary Clinton sounds capable of being President and Commander-in-Chief

Even though I’m not a fan of Hillary Clinton (and no longer a fan of Donald Trump) I must give credit when credit is justified.

Well into the live breaking news coverage by mainstream news media about the terrorist attack in Nice France, Hillary Clinton was interviewed via phone on FNC (Fox News) and then CNN. Just before Clinton was interviewed on FNC, Trump was interviewed via phone on FNC. Nothing yet from Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, but his basic position on ISIS and terrorism is already known, which would be less than Obama, and that is one of the subjects I don’t agree with Johnson on.

I’ve been using two different TVs and my HP Notebook to monitor CNN, FNC, and MSNBC, as they cover Trump, the Nice terrorist attack, and other major news stories.

President Obama was very slow to make a statement about the attack, and it amounted to typical Obama.

Trump was the usual vague Trump giving an emotional response about ISIS, the attack on Nice France, and other terrorist attacks, that has no specifics or substance. Regarding his choice for Vice President, some news sources claim he has picked Mike Pence, and that Pence has accepted. The official announcement was to be tomorrow, but because of the Nice France terrorist attack Trump has canceled the news conference for that. It isn’t clear if it is just delayed – like to Saturday or Sunday, or if he will save it for the start of the Republican National Convention on Monday July 18.

Clinton gave specific answers with substance. I got a whole new perspective on Hillary Clinton regarding what she really believes and what she would really do regarding ISIS. She would not go down the same road as Obama. She would go down her own road. This is the first indication I’ve seen that Clinton will not be like another Obama. I’m now caused to wonder of how much she screwed up as Secretary of State that was really the fault of Obama as she had to answer to him as her boss. Maybe Obama is a puppetmaster and Hillary Clinton was just one of his many puppets. Makes me further wonder how much – how far – she will distance herself from Obama as she also battles Trump during the remainder of Election 2016.

Regarding the ISIS and terrorist issues, Hillary Clinton sounded well-informed, with some usable experience, and common sense, as well as being much more logical than emotional, being specific. She sounded not only able to be President but also Commander-in-Chief. She will not be a bull in a China shop like Trump would regarding ISIS, and she would not pussyfoot around the subject like Obama has.

Sure, I like much of what Trump says, because at an emotional level it’s what most people and I want to hear. At the emotional level my choice would be to use nukes on ISIS in Iraq and Syria, but it would not be the logical choice to destroy them worldwide and within the United States.

I’m surprised to find myself agreeing with Clinton and the answers she gave to questions. It might be the first time I ever heard her not sound like a typical politician, to not be evasive and vague or using talking points to dance around the issue. Instead she gave specific answers to specific questions. I found it to be very refreshing. Even so, by itself, this is not enough to win my vote. Too many other issues preventing me from voting for her. However, this is one issue she has got right, a problem she might actually be able to eventually solve.

Trump has lost my vote partly because he keeps talking out of his rear end. That leaves only Johnson being the least of three evils.

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