Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Not Shoot at Police Officers

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Not Shoot at Police Officers:

  1. It’s illegal, it’s simply wrong, and it violates one of the Ten Commandments.
  2. It will only gain sympathy for the victims and scorn for the shooters – whether or not they were bad cops or good cops (and the reverse of this for bad cops shooting innocent citizens is true to gain sympathy for victims and scorn for shooters).
  3. We need to keep them alive (and in good health) to help protect us from criminals and terrorists shooting at us and killing us; therefore shooting them is a conflict of interest, and demonstrates a lack of common sense.
  4. You’ll end up serving in hell with the bad cops after you die.
  5. They can shoot back – probably better trained and better shot than you are anyway, find you and shoot you in return or blow you up with a drone or robot bomb, kill you by whatever means, or put you in jail (or in prison with the bad cops you failed to kill) for a very long time (unless you are killed in prison) – and will do so unless you can escape by teleportation or wormhole to another planet.
  6. It is more likely to make their behavior you object to worse than it already is, rather than causing them to show a kinder and gentler side to suspects.
  7. You might end up shooting, wounding or killing good innocent cops by mistake (and other innocent people) instead of the bad cops who angered you, unless you believe all cops are bad.
  8. Doing so could result in you being on CNN, and there’s not much worse than that – Wolf Blitzer drooling over your carcass.
  9. There’s the cost of the guns and ammo to consider – compared to all of the other things you can spend your money on that might improve your life instead of causing your death along with targeted cops if you actually succeed in hitting and killing any of them.
  10. If there are too many more cop shootings, then Obama (or Clinton after she wins) could declare Martial Law, suspend the Constitution, and begin the dictatorship of the United Police States of America.
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